About Us

Who are we?

EssayReviewKing.com was started in 2019 to research and report on the best and worst essay writing services on the market. The site was created by a former English teacher turned academic ghostwriter turned stay-at-home-mom. The newfound freedom was fun for a while, but soon she needed something productive to do. Why not, she thought, provide valuable insight for students needing essay help? The idea came to her to form a review site, ensuring that high school and college kids don’t get scammed by misleading services.

What do we do?

Since it’s inception, Essay Review King has quickly grown into one of the foremost review sites on the web. Students know that we offer non-biased professional opinions on essay writing services that claim to be “the best” out there. The way we calculate our rating is quite detailed. First, we examine the service’s website. What makes sense, what doesn’t? We dig in and see where they’re located, what the pricing system looks like, and what kind of reviews they get online. We sometimes order a paper and check out the product firsthand. Other times, we can gather enough information without purchasing a paper. We converse with chat agents, through the company’s email, and prospective writers, to get questions answered. In the end, after many hours of detailed investigating, we create our final blog post about the company in question.

Why can you count on Essay Review King?

Our reviews are honest, respectful, and dependable. We not only go by our professional opinion, but on specific things the chat agent says, quotes we receive, and online reviews on trustworthy review sites.

EssayReviewKing.com serves at the pleasure of the North American student body. Thanks for visiting our site! Reach out and say hello if you’d like, or request a review of a company you’re interested in learning about!

Feedback from the students we’ve helped…

“I wish I would have known about your site before I lost $87 on a paper with one of your lowest rated essay services! Oh well, thanks anyway and I’ll keep you guys in mind for next time.”

Gray S.

I love your reviews, especially the times you trip up the chat agents! Lol!”

Tyra M.

“I got a paper back from a company that said they were in the UK but the wording was so awful I had to rewrite it. I’m not going to use another service until I see at least 3 good reviews on different sites. I’m tired of losing money.”

Sean A.

“Can you guys do a review on Papers Owl and Killer Papers? I need help this upcoming semester and I don’t know who to go with.”

Kylie X.