Can You Trust Assignment Mavens?

Assignment Mavens

$12.80 per page with 2 days' notice








  • Plenty of reviews
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Wide array of services


  • Foreign essay service
  • False website claims
  • Lies about their location

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Who is Assignment Mavens?

In the “About Us” section, you can see (below) that there are a LOT of claims about number of qualified experts (2,000+), the customer satisfaction rate (99.9%), and much more. The issue with unsubstantiated claims is that they’re, well, unsubstantiated. There is NO proof that a single statement below is true! about us page
So many unsubstantiated claims in the “About Us” section at Assignment Mavens.

Think about it: Are all of Assignment Mavens’ writers really from the top universities in the world? Harvard, Princeton, Stanford? Really?

Because we can’t “prove” where the writers come from, we’ll just have to employ good old-fashioned common sense. Let’s look at our other findings and see if the above claims feel legit or not.

Oh, by the way, Assignment Mavens has a domain registered in Iceland. No surprise there, since almost every foreign essay writing service online seems to stem from there.

assignment mavens domain information
Assignment Mavens is registered in Iceland.

So, if Assignment Mavens is registered in Iceland, why does the chat agent say they’re in Sparta, NJ?

assignment Mavens LiveChat
Chat agent boldly lies about company location for Assignment Mavens.

How Much is a Paper?

Naturally, you have to provide a personal email and phone number (yawn) to get a basic quote. So, aside from the chat agent lying about the company whereabouts, now we’re inconvenienced by having to provide personal info just to get a quick quote?? Lame! prices
These might be the lowest prices we’ve ever seen.

Come on, guys! Less than $13 per page for a college-level paper due in 2 days? And you’re telling us a Harvard grad is writing it? So, to be clear, once Assignment Mavens takes their cut and the writer withholds their taxes, the Ivy League graduate would get about $4 for that paper. Uh-huh, got it!

Online Reviews:

Not sure we’ve ever seen this warning on Trustpilot… warning about displays a warning about Assignment Mavens.

Trustpilot is known to ban essay services altogether, but we’re not sure we’ve seen them display this warning and still let them receive reviews.

As for Sitejabber, they show eighty reviews. reviews for reviews for Assignment Mavens.

The complaints seem to be about quality of writing (language barriers) and miscommunication with customer service. You can check the reviews out at the websites mentioned above.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Lots of reviews to look through
  2. 24/7 support
  3. Wide array of services


  1. Foreign company
  2. Lies about where they are located
  3. Completely false claims about writer qualifications

Our Verdict:

You know, when a relationship starts with lies, where can it go? Downhill, you say? Yep, we agree! Assignment Mavens lies about where they’re located. They say Sparta, NJ just like so many other foreign essay writing services. This, naturally makes us think they might all be one company, operating under lots of different names.

Also, Assignment Mavens makes TONS of bold, unsubstantiated claims like that their writers are from Harvard, they have a nearly 100% satisfaction rate (which you can see by the reviews is not true), and lots of other crap.

No one likes being lied to. If Assignment Mavens was worth their salt, as they say, then they could tell the truth and know they have what it takes to back up their work. Not the case here. Until they start telling the truth, we say turn and RUN don’t walk away from these guys!

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