Can You Trust Buy Essay Friend?

Buy Essay Friend

$37+ to almost $48 per page with 2 days' notice








  • Honest about location (Cyprus)
  • Decent blog
  • Friendly chat agents


  • Foreign essay writing service (Cyprus)
  • Really high prices
  • Very few reviews (and they are suspiciously positive)

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Who is Buy Essay Friend?

Right out of the gates, we can tell you that Buy Essay Friend is in Cyprus, as seen on their website.

In the “About Us” section on Buy Essay Friend’s site, you can see that they’re run out of Cyprus.

They give some basic information (nothing very illuminating) in their “About Us” section. about page
“About Us” section at Buy Essay Friend.

Regardless of what they offer, you just need to know going into it, that Buy Essay Friend is operating out of Cyprus. Notice in the first image above, that they are associated with Coreforce Ltd., which many, many other foreign essay writing services are also associated with. Could this mean that they’re all the same outfit? Maybe, but it’s nearly impossible for us to prove.

How Much is a Paper?

Papers are pretty costly at Buy Essay Friend. They range from $30-$47.40 per page, which is just super pricey compared to the competition. We understand that bargain-basement prices usually translate to rip-off, but what’s with these sky-high fees for college papers? order form
Thirty dollars a page for a basic essay at Buy Essay Friend?

As you can see, we didn’t type in any crazy-difficult criteria for the prompt. We simply said a 1-page essay, due in two days. Thirty bucks? That is way higher than average, dude. The average rate is about $27 per page. Imagine if you need multiple sources, a tougher paper, or anything special? Who knows what the final cost would be. writer's category
It’s $39 per page for a mid-range writer at Buy Essay Friend.

If you choose “Advanced Writer,” the middle-grade choice of writers at Buy Essay Friend, you’ll be paying $39 per page. Very high. Look below, and you’ll see that to get a “Top Writer,” you’ll pay $47.40 per page. Those are prices that we rarely, if ever see. Just really over the top.

A whopping $47.40 for one of Buy Essay Friend’s TOP writers! This is per page, by the way!

Online Reviews:

There are not many online reviews for Buy Essay Friend on Trustpilot or Sitejabber. The ones we did find were mostly good, but that’s sort of expected of an essay service operating out of Cyprus. Think about it, though. If a foreign essay service, based out of a non-English speaking country, gets ALL great reviews…hmm, well, does that seem legitimate? This is where you just have to use common sense. review page has 22 reviews for Buy Essay Friend. review page for buy essay friend reviews for Buy Essay Friend.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Honest about being a foreign-run essay service (out of Cyprus)
  2. Decent blog (with information that you might find useful)
  3. Friendly chat agents


  1. Foreign essay writing service (Cyprus)
  2. Really high prices
  3. Very few reviews, but they’re mostly “too good to be true”

Our Verdict:

We’d like to, at least once, be able to enthusiastically recommend a foreign essay writing service. We don’t get a kick out of these negative reviews. However, between the use of foreign writers, the sky-high prices ($30- almost $48 per page!), and the questionable reviews, how could we send you over to Buy Essay Friend?

Until these foreign essay services raise their quality, lower their prices, and start competing with the US and Canadian-based essay writing services, we give them a big thumb’s down.

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