Can You Trust A+ Papers?

A+ Papers

Almost $40 per page with 2 days' notice








  • N/A


  • Foreign
  • Crazy high prices
  • Very few online reviews

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Who is A+ Papers?

It’s really hard to determine who these guys are because they do a great job of disguising their location. They are most definitely foreign, though. There is a lot of evidence pointing to that. Also, they fail to provide an “About Us” section on their website. Why’s that? If you started an essay service, wouldn’t you want to include an “About Us” section? Don’t prospective clients deserve a little introduction?

A+ Papers doesn’t want to tell you who they are, where they’re from, or anything about themselves. It’s a very impersonal essay service.

They have an FAQ page, but we’ll warn you: It’s riddled with grammatical and syntax errors. Yikes, you can check it out but don’t hold your breath! Check out one little clip below:

A+ Papers tells customers “Be sure that we will meet the deadline no matter what!” How can we know their writers will hit a deadline?

Haha! How can any of us (any customers) possibly “be sure” that A+ writers will hit our deadline? That is so weird!

One last thing: They claim to only use Master’s and Ph.D. level writers at A+ Papers. That is so far from believable that all we can do is laugh. So, lol.

How Much is a Paper?

There are a few things to “unpack” here when it comes to pricing at A+ Papers. First, this service is run by people who have such a low grasp of the English academic system that they separate “College” from “Bachelor” when it comes to categorizing pricing.

Next, they charge you a TON more for “Top” writer, leaving you paying almost $40 per page for the most basic essay! In other words, it would be way more if you needed a tougher assignment done or extra sources, etc. price calculator
To get a “Top” writer, you will pay almost $40 per page for the most basic essay at (A+ Papers). pricing page
A+ Papers doesn’t understand our academic system at all. They consider “Bachelor” and “College” two different things.
Pricing calculator
A+ Papers doesn’t understand our academic system, putting “College” and “Bachelor” as separate levels.

Above does not show the real prices, as it’s nearly $40 for a “Top” writer (and who wants to settle for “Basic” when you can have a better quality??). That’s so much higher than the standard in essay writing that we need another word for “insane.”

Online Reviews:

We checked Sitejabber and Trustpilot for reviews to get a better idea of who A+ Papers really is. Unfortunately, there weren’t many reviews to be found. Then, as is the case with so many foreign essay writing services, the few reviews they have are ALL 5-star. All perfect reviews. And we’re not supposed to consider this a red flag??

When a company (any type of company) has very few reviews, but they’re all perfect…consider this suspicious. It is highly unlikely that SOMEONE wouldn’t have a complaint if it’s a real business. How about even a mediocre experience with the company? Instead, we’re supposed to believe every single client had a perfect experience? Again, unlikely! review page reviews for
A+ Papers only has 37 reviews on Sitejabber, but they’re all 5-star which is a red flag. review page has only 2 reviews for A+ Papers.

Pros & Cons:


  1. N/A


  1. Foreign company
  2. Suspicious reviews (very few, but all glowing)
  3. Crazy-high prices (nearly $40 per page!)

Our Verdict:

We never recommend foreign essay writing services for the simple reason that they don’t understand English well enough to write you a kick-ass paper. And after all, isn’t that what you want when you shell out your hard-earned money?

On top of being foreign, they have very few online reviews and what they do have are all 5-star which raises all sorts of red flags for obvious reasons.

When an essay writing service charges you 45% more for one of their best writers, turn and run! Think about it: that huge price increase doesn’t guarantee you an “A” and besides, who says they’ll actually give you one of their best writers when you dish out that extra cash? No proof at all you’re going to get a better writer for the additional fee.

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