Can You Trust Affordable Papers? (Updated 2021)

Affordable Papers

$9 and up





Services offered





  • Affordability
  • Easy to use website
  • Discount codes


  • False Claims
  • Bargain-basement pricing means foreign writers
  • Unusually large number of bad reviews

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There are so many essay writing services online now that it has become almost overwhelming for students to select one they can trust with their hard-earned money. Let us help by providing an unbiased review of one such service: Affordable Papers.

First, Let’s Look at What They Offer

While there is not a list (that we could find on the site) of services offered, it appears they can do anything from high school papers up through Ph.D. level projects. Additionally, we did see “essays, dissertation, and research papers” as some of their possible offerings. What was odd, though, is that they didn’t say what subjects they cover or get into anything specific. Without delving in further by trying to reach out to a representative, we couldn’t find anything else to provide you. Sorry.

Who are Affordable Papers (who makes up the team)?

No luck figuring out who they are, but we did find out two things:

1. They are NOT from a native English-speaking country!

FYI: The primary spoken languages in Cyprus are Greek and Turkish.

But wait…in the FAQ it says they’re from London. This seems suspicious and, either way, their whereabouts are fuzzy at best.

2. They claim to put their writers through a very rigorous vetting process, but from our experience this is a fishy claim indeed.

No other writing service out there claims to put their prospective writers through the ringer like this, which means Affordable Papers doesn’t either. Just sayin’. There are other reasaons we’ll get to in a minute that have us believing Affordable Papers is being dishonest about their caliber of writers. But for now, imagine if you were looking for a part-time writing gig (or other online side hustle). Would you take a 4-hour assessment that is UNPAID? That’s four hours, man. If you would do that, unpaid, you might want to reassess things. There are better ways to find a job. Keep in mind, this outfit claims that ALL writers hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree, many even a Ph.D. People of this academic status are not going to take a four-hour unpaid assessment for anyone.

But the Prices are So Low, Dude!

You’re right, they are! It’s hard not to be lured in by prices that low. I mean, they don’t make so many jokes about living on Ramen noodles in college because students are rich! We get it. But consider that the industry average is $25 per page on most reputable sites (and there are a lot that are NOT reputable, thus, many offer a much lower rate). Well, Affordable Papers is offering $9 a page….to get a paper done by a writer holding a college degree…

First, if the writers are this educated why would they work so cheap? Because if Affordable Papers is charging a student $9 a page, after all is said and done (lawyers, tax withholdings, admin costs, advertising expenses, and a slew of other financial obligations, the writer MIGHT get $3 per page BEFORE TAXES! A one-page paper would take a couple hours (maybe a little less depending on the writer, the subject matter, etc.). So we’re to believe that someone holding a Master’s degree would work for $1.50 per hour ($3 for 2 hours’ work) and then still have to hold out their own taxes? At that rate, writers are paying Affordable Papers to work for them!

Who Could Work So Cheap?? Hint: Not Americans!

Certain other countries have extremely low living expenses compared to America. Do we really need to say more? These are not English-speaking countries (at least not as their native language). The only way someone can work for such an insultingly low wage is if they aren’t from the US or UK and their rent/living expenses are dirt cheap. ‘Nuff said.

By the way…does this stretch your believablity limits?

Writers have to take a test every 3 weeks to continue to work for Affordable Papers? Come on! Also, they come right out and admit the writers are not from the US and UK (as if to say don’t expect much, dude).

Let’s Check Out the Reviews…

Yep, that’s right. Couldn’t find a single review. That’s pretty darn bleak.

Perhaps it’s time to call “time of death” on this one. I mean, where else can we go here? Here are our final thoughts, though.

Our Verdict:

As soon as we catch a service in a lie via their website, we proceed with caution. It’s hard to get beyond someone who lies to you, right? Well, websites are the go-to spot for any business to spread news of their good and services. It’s their biggest billboard. So when they fill it with lies, heck, even one lie, it makes it hard to imagine paying them for any of their services. Regardless of price, convenience, or even your own desperation, it’s best to avoid the outfits that lie to you before you ever even shell out a dime. Turn and run, we always say. Turn and run.

There is no way Affordable Papers is vetting their writers as rigorously as they claim to be. They are secretive, if not blatently dishonest about their location. Their prices are too low for the industry average, meaning they either tack on a lot of fees by the time you get to checkout, or they are paying low-quality foreign writers to do a hack job for you. Finally, zero reviews is really scary. That hints at having NO customers at all. Think about it: No one has even posted a bad review? Like, if they’re awful then someone would have said so, right? If they’re mediocre, someone would have said so. If they’re great, someone would have said so. But no one said anything…because there are no customers, most likely.

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