Can You Trust Cheapest Essay?

Cheapest Essays

$15.26 with 2 days' notice








  • Cheap prices


  • Foreign
  • False promises of $7 essays
  • Aggressive chat pop-ups

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Who is Cheapest Essay?

Taken from the “About Us” page at

The above section, taken from the “About Us” page at shows that they were founded in 2014. We’ll try to match that up with the oldest review we can find online below.

They claim to have over 600 writers. We can tell you right now, that’s extremely hard to believe.

Also, check out the image below that comes straight off their homepage. It makes you believe you can get a good paper for 7 bucks…

Cheapest Essay makes customers believe they can get a high-quality paper for $7 (but like your mom told you…If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is!).

We’ll get into the pricing in the next section, but remember what your mother always said? If something sounds too good to be true…it probably is!

How Much is a Paper?

Well, the homepage at Cheapest Essay would have students believing they can get a great paper for about $7.00. Now, come on. Do you even believe that?

Let’s type in some very basic criteria and see what you’d have to do to get a paper so cheap at this site.

Cheapest Essay does not offer a $7 paper, so why do they claim to do so on their homepage?

As soon as you click the “Order” button, you’re taken to this page. Now, we didn’t do anything. We just clicked “Order.” As you can see, the very cheapest paper you can get is $7.61 BUT you need to give a whopping 19 days’ notice! AND, you better get the coupon they were offering us at the time we conducted this research. Otherwise, it’ll cost you $8.95. As you can see, even their lowest price isn’t really $7.00. Plus, if you need anything more than a really super-basic 1-page essay, plan for additional fees.

For a more accurate price, see below. We bumped the deadline up to 2 days.

It’s about $15 for an essay due in 2 days.

Bottom line? It’s just over $15 for a basic 1-page essay due in 2 days at Cheapest Essay. Fine, that’s still low compared to other essay services. But why lure us in by promising $7??

Online Reviews:

Sitejabber shows 46 reviews, and gives Cheapest Essay 4 stars. The reason this is so misleading, is that the negative reviews paint quite a picture of some major flaws in this company. But you can’t see that if you only take note of the overall 4-star rating. For example…

This reviewer on talks about poor customer service and missed deadlines.

There are several other negative reviews, but here’s the part you should pay close attention to. Many of the “good” reviews look completely fake, and written by foreigners.

A lot of the good reviews at Cheapest Essay look fake.

When it comes to reviews, you’re best bet is to take them with a grain of salt. What we generally look for is to see whether people are complaining about foreign writers or plagiarism. Otherwise, it’s too hard to rely solely on reviews since they can be fake.

Pros & Cons:


  1. They really are cheap (though not as cheap as they initially claim to be)


  1. Obviously foreign
  2. Aggressive chat pop-ups
  3. Lure customers in with claims of $7 papers, which don’t exist on their site

Our Verdict:

Cheapest Essay lures customers in with the promise of a $7 essay. Well, unless you give 19 days’ notice, you’re not getting a $7 essay. Even with 19 days’ notice, it’s still closer to $8.00 than $7.00.

They are foreign. Need we say more? We will, though. They separate “College” and “Bachelor” in their pricing, charging more for “Bachelor.” This clearly means they have no idea how the American academic system works.

Honestly, it’s hard to even research a company that we catch in a lie right off the bat. And with Cheapest Essay, we caught them in a few right away. For example, “600+ writers” is soooo far-fetched. There is just no way that’s true. Combine that with the seemingly fake reviews, and the promise of $7 essays that don’t exist, how on earth could we recommend Cheapest Essay to you? Easy! WE CAN’T!

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