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Who is Do My Papers?

Foreign essay writing services rarely have any kind of substantial “About Us” section. First, they don’t want to advertise that they’re running things from somewhere like Bulgaria, India, or Iceland. They know American students won’t want any part of that.

Second, they don’t care enough to earn your trust. They want your money, not a long-term business relationship with you that could carry from high school through college. They aren’t looking to get you as a longstanding customer, so why bother? They want to rack and stack the orders, even if it means no repeat customers.

Do My Papers is an essay writing service who neglects to have that “About Us” tab, so we gathered what we could.

Below, you’ll see that you can’t pick your writer. The reason that’s important to note is that it’s always better to have that say. You know? It’s better to interact with writers and select the one that’s best for YOU.

Next, you’ll notice that in their “Contact” section, they admit they’re from Cyprus–a non-native English speaking country.

Finally, you’ll see below that on the reputable review site,, Do My Papers has only one review…

But the chat agent, John, says the company has been around for 10 years! Where are the reviews, then, John??

How Much is a Paper?

As you can see, a paper due in 2 days is $39. This is almost 50% higher than the industry average of $27 per page! That’s a lot, especially if you need a longer paper. It can equate to hundreds more dollars per project!

Our Verdict:

Do My Papers is a foreign essay writing service who lies about how long they’ve been in business, has only one online review, and is priced about 50% higher than most other reputable essay writing services.

There is no “About Us” section, which is any company’s basic “hello” to new customers. No desire to build a trusting relationship with you, a possible client. When you ask the chat agent questions, you get the runaround. Don’t believe us? Ask them yourself! Ask how long they’ve been around, where they’re located, etc. and see if you believe a word they say!

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