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  • Huge price increase for native speaking writer

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Who is Effective Papers?

My initial reaction when viewing the website is that it’s a bit outdated. Also, it’s kind of chaotic. Lots and lots of text. It reads overwhelming, to be honest.

Effective Papers is based in Cyprus, as so many online essay writing services are these days. Despite their address being transparent on Effective Papers’ website, let’s see if a chat agent admits to being a foreign essay writing service.

Gina was my chat agent but didn’t seem to be able to tell me where Effective Papers is located. It’s almost laughable that she told me to wait, and then you see “Billy is typing…”

So, Billy tells me their main office is in Cyprus but that they have “experts” from all over the world–including English-speaking countries. Okay.

Well, there you have it. Effective Papers is a foreign essay writing service whose main writers are foreign as well. You might be able to get a native English-speaking writer to do your paper but something tells us it’s going to cost you! These foreign outfits usually have quite an upcharge for an English-speaking writer…up to 30% in most cases.

How Much is a Paper?

A 1-page history paper is $52.70 if you need it in 2 days AND want a native English-speaking writer. Will you get one for that extra 30%? Who really knows? Where would your guarantee be?

This is a very high price. The standard is $27 per page, so this is well over double. For the company being based in Cyprus, that is just plain greedy. No reason in the world to charge that for a 1-page paper!

Our Verdict:

Considering the average paper is $27 per page with a couple of days’ notice, Effective Papers is just plain taking advantage of unknowing students when they try to charge $53.00.

Besides, when you’re looking at getting an essay, you really don’t want a foreign essay writing service to tackle your project. Do you want to turn in a paper written by someone from Cyprus?

Lastly, the website is so bad that it stands to reason, Effective Papers isn’t putting any of their profits back into things that matter such as how they present themselves to customers.

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