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Effective Papers

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  • Foreign
  • Very high prices
  • Inflated website claims

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Who is Effective Papers?

Effective Papers claims to have customer service agents in Ukraine, but use mostly US and Canadian writers. That’s interesting since they admit their mailing address is Cyprus…

There is a whole page on their writers, but check out the snippet below. It mentions many, many countries from which they employ writers.

When they say to choose a native English-speaking writer at checkout if that’s what you want, we wonder two things. First, who says that’s what you’ll get? You won’t be meeting or interacting with the writer, so how do you know that just because you selected that box, that you’ll get a native English-speaking writer in return? Second, prepare to pay a lot extra for that native writer. How much? Keep reading!

Despite claims that they’ve been around since 2010 (check this claim on their website), only has 3 reviews? Doesn’t add up, and if Effective Papers is lying about this, what else are they lying about?

How Much is a Paper?

Well, who can say whether “Basic” is enough? And, furthermore, “Top-level” is suggested for the tasks that matter the most. Don’t ALL of your tasks pretty much matter the most? You’re paying for a paper, so it’s dang sure gonna matter most, right? You want the best! Prepare to add 40% if you do, though.

Next, look at the above image again. If you want “Proficient English” (who wouldn’t??) it’ll be an extra 30%! Come on! This is probably starting to really add up, right? Let’s see…

Guys, please, whatever you do, don’t pay $46 per page for an essay! Especially from an essay writing service in Cyprus who uses writers from all over the world! Please! There are better options, we promise you!

Our Verdict?

Effective Papers is a foreign essay writing service located in Cyprus (as so many of the foreign essay services are). They employ writers from all over the world, many of whom are from non-English speaking countries. Their prices are about double what the competition is.

You can find an American or Canadian essay writing service who will use an English-speaking writer, give you a good paper, and for about half of this price!

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