Can You Trust Essay Pro?

Essay Pro









  • Bargain basement pricing


  • Foreign
  • Deceptive about location

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Who is Essay Pro?

Essay Pro is a Ukranian-based essay writing service. They disguise themselves as Americans so customers will think they’re getting a paper written by a native English-speaking writer. Not cool.

Their costs are lower than average because of the foreign writers. See the next section for more.

The chat agents are known to admit they’re from Kenya if you ask. Don’t trust me? Try asking one on their website.

How Much is a Paper?

About $12, which is almost laughable. NO American Canadian would work for such a low fee. Figure in overhead and other necessary deductions, and the writer might walk away with $3-$4 per page. Come on! No American could live on that and you know it!

Our Verdict:

While their prices are low (and this might account for why they have so many online reviews) you have to ask yourself how much it means to you to get a native English-speaking writer.

Teachers are well aware that students buy papers online. But, they’re also really busy, just like you. Still, when their Spidey-sense tells them a foreign writer wrote your essay, watch out! It’s your academic career on the line!

If you really can’t afford the standard price for an essay (let’s say, $27-$30 per page) then consider writing it yourself. Even if you get a lower grade, you won’t be called out for something much more serious…like a Kenyan doing the paper for you!

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