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  • Easy to navigate site
  • No annoying pop-ups


  • Foreign
  • No online reviews
  • Lack of understanding of the English language and academic system

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Who is

We checked out the “About” section at, and we couldn’t help but notice the “wooden” writing. That is to say, it reads super dry, mechanical or something. Check out the two small excerpts we underlined for a better understanding…

About Us page
Taken from the “About” section at

Notice in the first underlined section, it says “we are ready to provide them for free.” That might seem insignificant, but is that how you’d word it? Or, would you say something like, “We provide them for free”? Also, in the second example they have “the service that loves the customers.” What?? How about, “We love our customers”?

This might seem nit-picky, but we review a LOT of essay services. We know what to look for to help us determine the service’s quality of writing. This text reads like it was badly translated from another language.

How Much is a Paper?

We see this with foreign essay services: They don’t understand the American academic system, so they price college papers into 2 categories, “Undergraduate” and “Bachelor.” That is a red flag that they are not from an English-speaking country and/or really don’t get how our colleges work. Obviously, undergraduate and bachelor are the same thing, but they don’t know it, apparently. pricing page
The pricing page at

Notice in the image above, that it’s $66 for “Admission help.” Does that mean if you need an admissions letter, it’s $66 per page? If so, that’s insanity!!

Moving on in the ordering process, you’ll quickly notice that the price goes up quite a bit if you want a better writer. Will you really get a better writer for the price hike? Who knows?

Writer page
The site’s best writers cost quite a bit more than their basic writers.

Online Reviews:

There are no reviews online for (unless you count the one review from Trust Pilot) which is a big red flag. They’re either a brand-new essay service, or they aren’t legit because they should have at least SOME reviews! review page has no reviews for only has one review for

Pros & Cons:


  1. Easy to navigate site
  2. No annoying chat agents or pop-ups to distract you while you browse the site


  1. Foreign essay service
  2. No online reviews
  3. Lack of understanding of the English language AND the college academic system

Our Verdict:

While is pretty crafty at disguising their location (which they wouldn’t want to do if they were American or Canadian) we can tell you that they sure seem to be a foreign essay writing service. They lack basic understanding in the areas of the English language and American academic systems.

They have very few online reviews, which isn’t good. If they were fairly cheap, we could say “Try them out on a small project…What do you have to lose?” But, unfortunately, they’re pretty pricey. It’ll cost you almost $40 per page if you want a “Top” writer.

All in all, we don’t really have a reason to recommend these guys. They might not be the worst out there, but we can’t find enough “good stuff” to boost them up in our rating, either.

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