Can You Trust I Write Essays?

I Write Essays

$12+ for a paper due in 2 days








  • Cheap prices
  • Chat agents who give discount codes


  • Foreign
  • Deceptive answers on chat
  • Terrible reviews

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Who is I Write Essays?

Well, annoyingly, there is no “About Us” section on the I Write Essays website. There isn’t even anything close to that, so it’s nearly impossible to say who they are. They have a chat agent at the ready, though, so let’s see what they say when we ask questions.

First, you have to give a name to get the chat started. No big deal. At least they’re not asking for an email and phone number like some services do!

To open the chat feature, you need to provide a name (no big deal).
The chat agent at i Write Essays says the company is located in Boston.

But when we do a quick domain search, the phone number is a London exchange.

The phone number for I Write Essays is in London.

When you Google that phone number, you get Net Earth One, Inc. as the web hosting company. They’re in London, UK.

Why is the web hosting company for I Write Essays in London if they’re a US-based company?

If you were to start an essay service (or any type of company) would you use a web hosting company in London? Nah, you know you wouldn’t. So, there’s a very good chance the chat agent is lying to us. Strike one.

Next, let’s just look over the website. The immediate word that comes to mind is “busy.” It’s not a site that’s easy on the eyes. Below are three screen grabs of various pages on I Write Essays’ website.

I Write Essays says it’s a bidding site…interesting.
There’s a lot going on at I Write Essays.
As you can see, I Write Essays serves a lot of countries.

We don’t know about you, but we like a clean, simple site whether we’re buying a used vehicle or ordering a pizza. Getting a college paper isn’t much different. This website is cluttered, makes a lot of unsubstantiated claims (over 6,900 writers??), and is all-around too crowded.

How Much is a Paper?

This part is interesting because they claim to be a bidding website. In other words, you bid on what you think your paper is worth, then they’ll work with you on coming up with a fair price. This is one we haven’t seen before.

Turns out, it’s a joke! Look at this…

Where do we begin? Look how cluttered this site is! Hard to even process it all!

We realize it’s a lot to process, but bear with us. So, they say it’s a “bidding website” as long as you’re “fair” and that the minimum bid is $7.50, right? Well, look at the chat window in that same image above. It turns out, customers don’t offer a price and try to get a writer to bite, but instead, it’s just like every other essay service after all. You submit a project and then writers quote you. So, why make us believe otherwise?

Quite frankly, that was the most interesting thing about I Write Essays. So, yeah. Bummer that it’s not even a real offer.

Bottom line on a price is that with 2 days’ notice, you’ll pay somewhere around $12 a page. Now, we’re sure there’s fine print (such as if you want a native writer, etc.) that could raise that price quite a bit. But honestly, we gave up before moving on in the process. This company is just not one we’d EVER recommend to you, so what was the point in continuing?

Blog Posts You Need to PAY to Access??

Blog posts that need paid for to be unlocked is totally whack!

We’ve never heard of a writing service that makes you pay to unlock their blog posts! Come on! $120?? That is an absolute joke, and quite frankly, it’s enough for us to give this essay service a big fat “F” and tell you to just move along to someone else right now!

Online Reviews:

Reviews are a joke for I Write Essays. They get scathing reviews (even though there aren’t many of them) that accuse them of being from Kenya, not understanding the language, rude customer service, and scamming writers…bad!

Really, mid-way through this review we wanted to quit because this company is so poor, but we felt that just in case you were looking into them we should keep going with our research.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Cheap prices
  2. Chat agents available


  1. Obviously foreign
  2. Chat agents lie about location of company
  3. Ridiculous claims (almost 7k writers?)

Our Verdict:

Like we said earlier, we wanted to just give up on this review because this company is so bad. We ultimately decided to proceed because we aim to guard you guys with the best information to prevent you from getting scammed or simply losing money at all.

These guys are foreign (most likely Kenyan). They use foreign writers. They have very few reviews, and the ones they have are AWFUL. The chat agents are deceiving. The website is cluttered.

Really, just move on. There’s nothing to see here. It’s bad. You can do so much better. At the most basic level, you deserve to be told the truth to when you ask simple questions like “Where are you guys located?”

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