Can You Trust Join Paper?

Join Paper

$61+ per page







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Who is Join Paper?

As with many online essay writing services, Join Paper has no “About Us” section, which leads us to believe they purposely deflect from who they are. We aren’t asking for a photo ID, right? But, it would be nice to have a mission statement, something personal to help us learn to trust them. Sadly, many foreign essay writing services don’t have a desire to earn our trust. They just want our money. Not saying that’s the case with Join Paper, but it’s the first impression.

We’re picking up major deception on these numbers above. 1000 writers? 17k orders completed? Just take a minute and think about whether or not that seems plausible. 1000 professional, educated, competent freelance writers sitting around fighting for the next $20 paper? (Most papers are probably more, but you get the point. Besides, the writer’s cut is likely way less than $20 anyway).

How Much is a Paper?

For the MOST basic paper, it’s over $41 per page. That’s insane! Nothing can justify that but wait…

If you want a native English-speaking writer, look what you’ll really pay…

That is (by a landslide) the most expensive paper we’ve ever seen anywhere online. Ever! There is nothing else to say because if you have any self-respect, you can’t fall prey to these over-the-top prices. An average paper should be somewhere around $25-$30 per page, for reference.

Our Verdict:

A foreign essay writing service that doesn’t let you pick your writer, price gouges like we’ve never seen before, and has virtually no reviews? Gee, sign us up, right?? No thanks! Move on because these guys are insulting our intelligence!

Try to find an American or Canadian essay writing service that lets you pick your writer and ask questions and, oh, I don’t know, pay a fair price?? Yeah, that will work, and it’s out there. Trust us!

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