Can You Trust Last-Minute-Essay?


Almost $49 with 2 days' notice (for a Top Writer)








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  • Foreign (Cyprus)
  • Outrageous Prices
  • Seemingly fake reviews

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Who is Last-Minute-Essay?

Last-Minute-Essay (be sure to use the hyphens or the website won’t work) is a Cyprus-based essay writing service. They don’t have an “About Us” which is always frustrating. It’s nice to be able to learn a little about an essay service (or any company you might want to do business with) and it doesn’t seem like a big ask to have an “About” section.

Core Force Ltd. is a very common name that pops up when we’re dealing with foreign essay services.

How Much is a Paper?

The per-page price at Last-Minute-Essay.

With 2 days’ notice, your per-page price will be between $25-$31. As with most foreign essay services, Last-Minute-Essay doesn’t seem to understand that you don’t need to separately price “Bachelor” and “Undergraduate.”

Again, with most foreign essay services they will try to jack up the price for a “native” speaking writer even though you get no proof upfront that you’ll actually get one for the extra fee.

For a “Top” writer, you’ll pay almost $49 per page!

Can you even imagine paying close to $50 per page???? That is insanity. And for what? Their “Top” writers? Sure. That is just crazy.

Online Reviews:

Sitejabber shows only 26 reviews and (big surprise!!) they’re all PERFECT. reviews for

Trustpilot only has 15 reviews.

Do you find it suspicious that an essay writing service based in a foreign country (ie. Foreign writers!) gets 5 stars across the board?? Yeah, we do too. Please go off of more than just reviews, which are so commonly fake!

Pros & Cons:




  1. Foreign (Cyprus)
  2. Outrageous prices (nearly $50 with 2 days’ notice)
  3. Seemingly fake reviews

Our Verdict:

This stuff is just so disappointing. We would love nothing more than to be able to recommend a large handful of essay writing services for you to choose from. However, it seems like most of them are foreign, have tons of upcharges, seemingly fake reviews, and negative reviews that are super-scary!

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