Can You Trust My Super Geek ?

My Super Geek









  • Foreign
  • Difficult to use site
  • Pricing is too hard to obtain

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Who is My Super Geek?

The short answer? Who knows! There is no “About Us” section on website. Let’s assume they’re from Cyprus like so many other foreign essay writing services.

You need to be careful when dealing with a mysterious essay writing service that won’t talk about who they are, they’re history, why they like running the company and what your business means to them, and most importantly, WHERE THEY ARE LOCATED!

How Much is a Paper?

They wouldn’t give me a quote even though I provided an email. This is unusual. I’m not really sure what else to say. They said I already had an account (which I didn’t) and when I tried to get login help, they said they sent an email to help me get in my account–which they didn’t.

Our Verdict:

It’s all too difficult. Sheesh! Foreign company who doesn’t want to tell you who they are or where they are. You need to provide personal info just to get a basic quote. Then, it wouldn’t give me the quote anyway!

So not worth it, dude! There are MUCH more professional, established, honest companies out there to write your essay.

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