Paper Don Review: Is legit?

Paper Don

$27 per page








  • Prices
  • You pick your writer


  • Foreign
  • False claims on website
  • Annoyingly aggressive

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Who is Paper Don?

Paper Don is a newer essay writing service located in Lithuania. If it would take you a minute to point that out on the map, don’t feel bad. The point is, they’re foreign and that’s not ideal for writers creating American college students’ essays.

They say they’ve helped over 14,000 customers (students)…

What’s interesting is that we can’t find the numbers to back that figure up…not even close!

On Trustpilot, they have 6 reviews. Not 600 or 6,000. Six reviews. Guess what? They’re ALL from July 2023! Also, they have 4.0 stars, not 4.6. It’s our job to look for the details to save you time! A little lie here and there could signal bigger lies throughout the company, so beware!

They say they have 4.6 stars on Let’s see what the data shows…

Wow! Zero reviews, and, naturally, that means zero ratings. Not the 4.6 stars they claim on their website! And the lies keep coming! Are you tired of essay writing services blatantly lying to you? We are too!

We found a total of 6 reviews, so where is Paper Don coming up with “Over 14,000 customers” because we just don’t buy it!

There just isn’t much more information on who is running Paper Don, what motivates them to keep serving the academic community, or why you should trust them with your money and your academic reputation.

How Much is a Paper?

Ugh, you have to work your way though an annoying AI assistant to get a quote. This really sucks! There’s no price calculator or any other way of checking really quickly whether Paper Don’s rates align with your budget.

Once you provide an email address, you’re immediately bombarded with chats from writers.

These prices above are only a few of the many that popped up when we typed in an email address. As you can see, the prices vary (some went as low as $17 per page) making it hard to get a real idea of what you’ll pay per page on any given project.

Our Verdict:

Well, Paper Don is a new essay writing service based in Lithuania, where the first language is Lithuanian, not English. They must have quite an impressive advertising budget to appear first in a Google search of “buy a high school paper.” But, a good advertising campaign doesn’t equal high-quality writing, honest business dealings, or any great level of experience in business.

The AI chat you are forced to endure while trying to get a quick estimate is annoying, as are the incessant pop-ups with too-eager “writers” hoping to land your project. Most essay writing services don’t put you through that.

They claim to have serviced over 14,000 customers. Think about that. There are 6 reviews on Trustpilot and NONE on Sitejabber. And, stay with us…the 14,000 isn’t even papers (which could be indicative of way fewer clients. No, they’re claiming 14,000 actual customers!! That’s just nuts.

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