Can You Trust Paper Help?

Almost $52 per page with 2 days' notice








  • Plenty of online reviews
  • Wide array of services
  • Discount codes


  • Foreign
  • Ridiculous prices $52 per page
  • Dishonest about location

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Who is is a Cyprus-based company, and not in the United States where you would get native English-speaking writers.

Paper Help doesn’t disclose much about who is running the show. There is no “About Us” page, and as for the writers, if you want a native English-speaking writer, you’ll pay a LOT more.

The essay writing service is out of the United States. Their site is from Cyprus, so they could be operating from there, or even another country like India. For all we know, they’re in Russia, Iceland, or somewhere else. They purposely stay silent on their whereabouts, which is a dead giveaway that it’s not the US.

On their “Contact” page, they show a Minnesota address. But, if you were in Minnesota, would you have a Cyprus-based website? It so happens that most essay writing services are based out of foreign countries with Cyprus-based websites. So, you can draw your own conclusions. But, if they’re lying about their location, what else are they lying to you about?

Who knows where really is, but we seriously doubt it’s Minnesota like they try to make you believe.

How Much is a Paper?

The quick answer is almost $51.00! The price calculator on the home page at shows $32 which is still crazy high. But as soon as you read the fine print, you’ll see (in the second image below) that you have to pay almost $51 per page to get a native English-speaking writer. That is nuts! charges $32 per page with 2 days’ notice. This is substantially higher than the competition.
Obviously, you’re going to want a native English-speaking writer! Well, that changes things a lot! Your price per-page with 2 days’ notice will be almost $51 at Paper Help. We can honestly say that is the highest price we’ve ever seen.

The real rate per page if you give 2 days’ notice, is almost $51!!!! That is highway robbery! We review a lot of essay writing services, and this is by far the most expensive. You don’t have to pay this, guys! The average is $27 per page, and we know for a fact that will get you an American or Canadian writer.

Online Reviews:

Sitejabber has 136 1-star reviews of, so you might want to at least have a look before ordering from them.

Trustpilot bans from receiving reviews on their site. They do this with a lot of essay writing services, though, so you can’t read too much into that one. However, despite the large number of reviews on, there are plenty of negative ones that you should check out before placing an order at Paper Help.

Pros & Cons:


  1. A lot of online reviews on for (but watch out for some recurring negative comments, too)
  2. Wide array of services
  3. Discount codes upon request


  1. Foreign essay writing service
  2. You’ll pay almost $52 per page for a native English-speaking writer
  3. Purposely disguise their location which doesn’t build trust

Our Verdict:

Besides being located in a country where English is not the first language (and this is huge when you consider they’re writing American university papers), their prices are astronomical! Almost $52 per page for a native English-speaking writer? Come on! The average is about $27, so you can see that’s double!

Their social media presence isn’t impressive. Their last post (at the time of writing this in August 2022) on Instagram was 4 weeks ago, and they only had a little over a hundred followers.

Social media presence is important to build trust with customers. has a really uneventful Instagram.

There are better essay writing services out there. That these guys show up on so many “Best of” lists, tells us the lists are rigged. Plain and simple. Who is really creating these “Best essay writing services” lists, and what’s in it for them? Because, really, there is not enough evidence is great and deserves to be on these lists. Is the blog writer on the team? Just a thought.

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