Can You Trust Save My Grade?

Save My Grade

$13.34 per page








  • Price


  • Foreign
  • Deceptive about location
  • No reviews

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Who is Save My Grade?

Save My Grade claims to be in Wyoming, but they use foreign writers and offer prices so low that it’s laughable. No American college grad would (or could) work for such a low rate without being homeless.

There’s no “About Us” section that gives real insight into who these guys are, so it’s safe to assume they’re doing that on purpose. They don’t want to brag about being foreign writers.

How Much is a Paper?

It’s beyond frustrating that you have to provide so much information (including email info) just to get a basic estimate. Most websites have a price calculator. Most of them are way off, but at least it’s there and gives you a starting point.

This price does not exist in US-based essay writing services. Think about it. What American college grad do you know who is willing to do a paper for probably half of this price? Say it takes her an hour or an hour and a half. She’ll walk away with maybe $6.50ish. That’s not going to happen.

No way these guys are US-based. I don’t care what they’re trying to pass off on their site. They are a foreign essay writing service.

Our Verdict:

A foreign essay writing service with NO online reviews? They claim to be around since 2003, so where are the reviews? Come on! The image below is from and if they’re been around for 2 decades, shouldn’t they have some reviews?

Your college reputation is on the line, guys. Shouldn’t you try to find tutoring help from fellow Americans or Canadians who speak your language, even if you have to pay $27 per page? That’s not too much to ask when it comes to getting a paper back you can feel confident in putting your name to, right?

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