Can You Trust Shark Papers?

Shark Papers

Almost $52 per page without the 50% off sale








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  • Foreign
  • Horrible online reviews despite overall "good" rating
  • Too many pop-ups (distracting)

Shark Papers also operates as 5 Star Essays

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Who is Shark Papers?

Shark Papers does a good job of disguising its location, but we feel it’s safe to assume they’re a foreign essay writing service. Everything about them from their chat agents to the pop-ups (and there are LOTS of pop-ups!) points to them not being American.

As you read on, you’ll see that they do not take kindly to customers calling their papers into question. They threaten many students that leave a negative review online, saying they’ll be contacting their institution to tattle on them. What is this, the third grade??

Shark Papers operates under the name 5 Star Essay, which is a really crummy essay writing service, too. What other names does Shark Essays use to conduct business? We can’t say for sure, but if you have a bad experience with them, we can’t promise you won’t get them again under a different name. That’s how they operate…

How Much is a Paper?

To get an estimate you have to offer up a blood sample and your firstborn child. Just kidding, but they certainly do make it hard. You have to fill out a bunch of info, including your phone number and personal email. We’re not talking about creating an account when you’re comfortable and ready to place an order. No, we’re talking about just getting a quick, basic estimate. No thanks!

We can show you the price calculator though.

Price Calculator
Notice the original price per page is over $51.00.

So, we’re supposed to believe that the original price per page is almost $43 for a high school paper and almost $52 for a college paper? You get that NO company anywhere online is charging that, right? No, that’s just a way to make their “50% off” sale look so good.

The end price of $25.73 wouldn’t be bad except that we can almost guarantee you that you’ll pay much more to get a supposedly native English-speaking writer at checkout. We didn’t get to that point because we didn’t want to give out an email and phone number for a quick estimate.

Online Reviews:

This part is very interesting! First, notice that there are several reviews to look at on Sitejabber and Trustpilot.

Trustpilot Review reviews for review reviews for Shark Papers.

Looks good, right? Heck, Shark Papers is listed as one of Sitejabbers most popular essay services. Not so fast, though!

There are TONS of reviews that are nothing short of scathing. People have been harrassed and threatened by Shark Papers, who says they’ll tell your college you bought a paper if you leave a negative review online. Not cool!

Review claiming the writer didn’t speak English.
Threats to tell your college are the lowest an essay service can sink in our opinion.

Honestly, there are so many horrible reviews. We’d go as far as saying that on Sitejabber and Trustpilot, despite their overall “good rating,” the bad reviews are some of the worst we’ve ever seen.

Dishonest Chat Agents:

We asked the chat agent, Mark Anderson (using last name is a red flag that it’s fake), many questions, but got the run-around at every turn.

Chat conversation
Shark Papers is not in Florida, like the chat agent says.

The agent didn’t have a firm grasp of the English language, pushed hard for the sale, and wasn’t interested in helping us, but rather just getting us to hurry up and pay.

Pros & Cons:


At this time, we cannot list any “pros” with Shark Papers. It’s a really low-quality essay service. If they make some positive changes, we’d be happy to revise our review.


  1. Foreign essay writing service
  2. Too many pop-ups
  3. Some of the worst reviews we’ve ever seen on any company

Our Verdict:

Shark Papers is NOT legit in our humble opinion. We research lots of online essay writing companies. It’s what we do. And we can tell you that despite “good ratings” on review sites, there is enough information to prove that these guys are not who you want writing your paper.

The chat agent told us the company is in Florida, but it’s so obvious they’re foreign. It’s not only the many, many reviewers online saying so much, but also the wording the chat agents use, the pop-ups (and the way they’re worded), and so many other factors.

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