Can You Trust Studybay?


$16 for 2 days notice








  • Cheap
  • Easy to use website


  • Foreign
  • Fake writer profiles equals red flags

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Who is Studybay?

Studybay has a pretty decent “About Us” section. Are the pictures of employees really them? Who knows, but check out some of the content because it’s worth looking into.

Why I have doubts that the above names and pictures are real (and who knows, I could be wrong). Most essay writing services are somewhat anonymous. They might tell you their story like but they don’t reveal their identities. Why? Paper writing is a dicey game. It’s largely frowned upon, so most essay writing services don’t advertise who they are for fear of getting into trouble.

Why I think they might be legit. Look at one of the employee’s Instagram accounts below.

So, hey, maybe these really are the people running the show at Studybay. If so, that’s fantastic that they’re willing to put themselves out there! It’s not common in the essay writing service industry, and it’s nice to see.

How Much is a Paper?

Before we get to the price, two things:

  1. There are a lot of steps to get a basic estimate. I didn’t like that because it’s unnecessary and eats up time when you might end up learning the cost doesn’t fit your budget. A simple calculator would be better.
  2. Check out the promotion below. All I can say is Eew! You’re asking customers who don’t even know you yet to pay $5 extra to get more offers??? That’s gross, dude.

OK, now for the price for a 1-page college paper due in 2 days.

This is just two of many, many offers ranging from $13-$16 per page. Look at the fake profiles. I hate seeing this. Either show an avatar or don’t put a picture, but don’t put models and fake people. Come on!

The price is so dirt cheap that it’s clear this essay service is outside of the US. Probably Cyprus like most of them, which means foreign essay writers. How could anyone in the US live on such a low rate, and why would they when they’re supposedly college grads??

Our Verdict:

Way too many red flags and inconsistencies. Plus, why put models as your writer profile pics? It’s underhanded. We like honesty when we’re considering whether to part with our hard-earned money, don’t we? Shouldn’t we be able to expect honest business dealings?

Foreign company, foreign writers, bargain basement prices but without the quality you need to pull off a good grade.

My suggestion? Look elsewhere!

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