Can You Trust Study Clerk? (who might also be operating as Paper Don)

Study Clerk

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  • Foreign
  • False claims
  • Annoying pop-ups and aggressive chat

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Who is Study Clerk?

Study Clerk is an online essay writing service who claims to have completed nearly 64,000 projects (which is a staggering number…and one that doesn’t ring true at all to us) and employ 553 writers. The scope of that might not raise any red flags with you, but we do this for a living and it gives us pause for thought. How many companies do you know (in ANY industry) that employ over 500 employees, let alone an online writing service where the average project is about $20-$30–and not all of that goes to the writer!

Study Clerk is based out of Lithuania, which is also where Paper Don (a new essay service) is based. Their ordering process and writer profiles look eerily similar, making us wonder if they’re one and the same company. You can check out Paper Don at to see what you think. Also, you can read our review on them, which is up on our site.

Despite claims of thousands of reviews, here’s what we found on Sitejabber…

And on Trustpilot…

You just want to yell, “Stop lying to students!” Of course, who would you scream to? Study Clerk makes their identity so concealed and unapproachable, we wouldn’t even know where to begin when it comes to talking to a real person who will give you a straight answer!

How Much is a Paper?

Once you provide an email, you will be flooded with offers from ridiculous profiles such as “Professor” so and so, and “Dr.” such and such. Get real. Do you really think that highly-educated, multiple degree holding writers are waiting around to do online high school papers for a few bucks a pop?

Anyway, the prices under the “Gold” standard (there’s a higher and a lower standard to choose from, but we picked the middle one that they recommend) range from $29-$48 per page with 2 days’ notice.

Our Verdict:

A foreign essay writing service making way over the top claims about the number of projects they’ve completed, the number of writers they have on staff, and how many reviews they have? Gee, where do you sign up, right?

Look a little harder. It won’t be that much work, yet you will find American and Canadian essay writing services out there with native English-speaking writers waiting to complete your project. Why settle?

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