Can You Trust The Tutoring App Kadama?









  • Easy to navigate website
  • Cheap pricing
  • Fair amount of services offered


  • Horrible reviews
  • Very suspicious pricing for the industruy
  • Hard to get questions answered

Is Kadama a Legit App for Tutoring?

Kadama gets mixed reviews, to say the least. It seems like some people do really like the service, but one disconcerting thing is that an awful lot of the complaints mention the same thing: customer service being horrendous! Basically, if you have any sort of problem, good luck getting anyone who will listen, care, or rectify the situation.

What They Offer

So Kadama is an app, not so much a website. You install it for free on your iPhone and then browse through their list of services. Here’s what it looks like:

Looks easy, right? Well, yes, that part is. Where it gets aggravating is when you’ve paid and need any sort of help, clarification, or god forbid, refund. The reviews are scathing when it comes to customer serice. We’re seeing everything from the provided email/phone being inoperable, to being ignored and in many cases, blocked!

Some Kadama Reviews

Who is Behind Kadama?

If what the site says is true, Kadama is comprised of two buddies that set out to build an empire, help students through a quality tutoring platform, and provide a work-from-home opportunity for tutors who cannot work conventional jobs. Sounds fair.

Let’s see what the tutors have to say about their employment with Kadama

A Common Pattern is Doing Dirty Deeds with Other People’s Money

So many reviews mention that Kadama froze their account, blocked them after collecting money, withheld payments (for tutors), and redacted money from tutors’ personal accounts. This is something we’ve never really seen before in any of our review investigations.

The Worst of the Worst…Paid Reviews!

We have heard the buzz for a while now (which is one reason we’ve been preparing to review Kadama) that the company pays for reviews. This is something a lot of scam-type services do because they can’t gather enough real reviews that are positive, honest, and helpful. We’ll provide one example, but we could have filled the page on these. Shame on you, Kadama! Paid reviews hurt ALL industries because consumers are left not knowing who to trust!

The Pros of Using Kadama

~You can set a budget that works with your personal financial needs

~Kadama offers tutoring in all of the basic subjects (math, english, history, etc.)

~ The app is user-friendly and can easily be accessed on your mobile phone

The Cons of Using Kadama

~There are a lot of bad reviews that all say the same thing: Ask too many questions and you’ll be blocked

~No customer service consistency or real help of any kind

~Tutors AND customers claiming they’ve been scammed (the word “scam” is used a LOT in reviews, which is a little scary if you’re a perspective customer)

~A refund policy that is rarely (if ever) enforced

~Paid reviews (the biggest red flag of them all. The mother red flag. The whopper of all whoppers in the world of red flags) which hints at a client not having any idea what’s real and what are lies within the promises and services Kadama provides

Final Thoughts…

When a company pays people to write false reviews, that is the kiss of death in our educated opinion. It’s like once you catch someone in a lie, you can never fully trust anything they say again. There are simply too many other writing/tutoring services out there to put your chips down on Kadama. Maybe if they get real reviews and prove a level of even rudimentary legitimacy, we’ll take another look at the company. Until then, we recommend a necklace of garlic and a good, solid cross to keep Kadama at bay while you search for more reliable help with your homework.

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