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Almost $49 for University level due in 2 days








  • Easy to use website
  • Offer all the normal services
  • Easy ordering process


  • Foreign essay service that claims to be in the US
  • Sky high prices
  • Lies to the public on many levels

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Who is Write My Essays?

Write My Essays claims to be in Philly, but upon closer research, we can tell you they are in Cyprus. Big shock, eh? Another foreign company claims to be in the states. It gets old, doesn’t it? Well, it does for us, too. We’re trying to find you honest, dependable essay services, but we keep finding deceptive ones, foreign ones, and ones that don’t deliver the quality you deserve.

Fresh Essays Location
Who is Fresh Essays? We are on the Write My Essays website, so why is this coming up in their “Contact” section?

Who is Fresh Essays, right? Why, when we’re in the “Contact” section of the Write My Essays website, are we getting the location for Fresh Essays? Don’t know? Yeah, we don’t either!

We did a domain search, though, and Write My Essays is definitely in Cyprus.

So, who are these guys? Well, they don’t explain who started the company or what drives them or what their customers mean to them. They do say they’ve been in business since 2010. about us page
Write My Essays claim to be around since 2010, so where are all the reviews?

Spoiler Alert!!!!! They have NO ONLINE REVIEWS! If they’ve been in business for 12 years, why don’t they have a single review that we could find on the internet?

Please read our section below called “Our Verdict” to see why it’s important to consider ANY company’s false claims.

How Much is a Paper?

A Google search shows $7 per page for Write My Essays. Is this true?

Oh, dear friends! How nice it would be if only that were true. $7 a page. It’s not. Sorry. Would you really want it to be? Think about it. What kind of paper would be $7 a page? Divide that in two (Write My Essays gets half, the writer gets half, typically). Your writer will get $3.50 for your paper BEFORE taxes! Yeah, I doubt you want that, for many reasons.

Price Calculator
The absolute lowest price on the site is $10 per page, but that’s for high school AND with 20 days’ notice. checkout page
To get a native English speaking writer at Write My Essays, you pay a lot more.

So, hang on. The CHEAPEST paper you can actually get is a high school (not college) level paper, due in 20 days (how many of you really give that much notice?) and if you want an English-speaking writer (um…who doesn’t??) then you pay more…is $15.80 per page. But the Google search shows “From $7 per page.”

Now, let’s do a more realistic prompt. Most students give 1-2 days’ notice. Let’s fill out a prompt for a basic essay due in 2 days, and let’s make it college since that’s what we usually do. What’s the actual price then?

This is an outrageous price, and made worse by the company’s Google info that claims $7 per page.

So, Write My Essays has such a low grasp of the English language and educational system that they price out “College” and “University” separately. No clue why. This is “University” pricing. In case you’re curious, “College” pricing is $39.50. Still a really steep price!

Online Reviews:

There are NO reviews online for Write My Essays. That is a HUGE red flag. When customers are happy or even when they’re miserable with a service (especially then!) they talk! They shout it from the rooftops that they had either a great or a rotten experience. So, we’re to believe Write My Essays is legit when they don’t have a single online review on major sites like Sitejabber and Trustpilot?? has no reviews for Write My Essays. shows no reviews for Write My Essays.

Pros & Cons:


  1. They offer the regular list of services
  2. The site is easy to use
  3. The ordering process is easy


  1. Foreign essay service
  2. Blatant lies all over their site
  3. Ridiculous pricing (almost $50 per page with a 2-day deadline)

Our Verdict:

When an essay service (or any company) lies to its customers or the public in general, turn and RUN don’t walk, away!

LIE: The company is in Philadelphia (TRUTH: They’re in Cyprus)

LIE: Prices start at $7 per page (TRUTH: The absolute lowest price you can get is $15.80, and that’s for high school and for a paper due in 20 days!!!!)

LIE: They’ve been in business since 2010 (TRUTH: We don’t know how long they’ve been in business, but if they were around even a year or two, and legit, they’d have at least a few reviews)

There are many more red flags. The point is, aside from really high prices, foreign writers, and no proof that for your extra money, you’ll get a native writer, this company LIES to people. Yuck!

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