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  • Foreign
  • A lot of bad reviews

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Who is

Although they don’t have an “About Us” page, after doing a little digging we see that they’re in Cyprus. So many online essay writing services are in Cyprus. Kind of makes you wonder if they’re all the same outfit, but operating under different names, right?

When an essay service (or any company) doesn’t have an “About Us,” it seems like they just don’t care enough to introduce themselves to their audience (i.e. you).

How Much is a Paper?

Short answer: About $25 which is average to below-average. This is one good thing about but only if they’re good writers!!


Sitejabber has a lot of reviews, but be careful. Even though their overall rating is high, please check the many dozens of 1-star reviews, too, because they’ll shed some light on whatever shortcomings the service has.

Trustpilot bans from using their services so we can’t tell you anything about reviews on there.

Our Verdict:

It all comes down to this: Do you want to trust your high school or college paper to a foreign writer?? You have to know that teachers can spot tiny discrepancies in your paper that make it obvious it was a foreign writer who did it.

Something to think about is that when a company (any type of business) doesn’t have an “About Us” or seem to care to introduce themselves to the public, there is probably a good reason!

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