Can You Trust Writers Per Hour?

Writers Per Hour

Almost $37 per page








  • About Us is detailed
  • Plenty of services offered


  • Foreign
  • Priced about $10 higher per page than standard
  • Seemingly false claims all over their website

Who is Writers Per Hour?

Writers Per Hour is an online essay writing service based in Cyprus — according to their “Contact” section on their website.

As always, we’ll caution you when it comes to buying a foreign essay because of how keenly aware teachers and professors are of the language differences. Did you know that some AI detectors will call out a human-written paper for being written by AI when it’s by a foreign writer? Yeah, it’s crazy but true!

There are differences in the way a foreign writer writes a paper compared to a native English-speaking writer. Aside from cultural differences that could easily affect the way, for example, an opinion paper is constructed, foreign writers use different phrasing that makes it easy to spot! Keep that in mind!

Taken from their “About Us” page, you can see the image below, which would have you believing they have over 450 writers and 300 with doctorates. I guess you can use your discretion on whether to believe that claim. Let’s just say, we smell something fishy…

How Much is a Paper?

Before we get to the price, as with many foreign-run essay services, you will pay considerably more for a supposedly native English-speaking writer. That seems unnecessary, especially when there are plenty of good, reputable American and Canadian-run essay writing services out there.

Our Verdict?

Well, the good findings are that there is a detailed “About Us” section (albeit one that seems to have inflated numbers and claims) and the company fully admits they’re foreign. So, at least you know going into it that you’re not dealing with an American essay writing service. That’s more than a lot of essay services give you!

The bad? Well, that they’re from Cyprus — a non-native English-speaking country. Also, there are grammatical errors and (seemingly) false claims of crazy amounts of high-degree-holding writers at Writers Per Hour. It’s like, if they are deceptive about that stuff, how are we supposed to believe anything??

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