Can You Trust Cheap Essays? (Updated 2021)

Cheap Essays

$24-$28 per page (1-2 day's notice)








  • Plenty of services offered
  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • Openly admits they're outside of the US and Canada


  • Very deceptive about how cheap they really are
  • Claim to have 3,000 reviews, but we can't find any
  • Non-native English speakers (writers)
  • Take way too long to assign you a writer

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Ever wonder if Cheap Essays Online is a worthwhile company to buy an essay from? Let’s find out!

Is Cheap Essays Online a legit Company?

Well, first of all we need to define what makes an essay service legitimate, right? In our professional opinion, an essay service that utilizes ONLY native English-speaking writers is a must! Additionally, the pricing needs to be in line with the competition (because too cheap is suspicious and probably means they’re using foreign writers, and too pricey is greedy and won’t result in “better” essays). Lastly, what do the reviews say about the service? As we know, reviews give us a bird’s-eye view of a company (any industry) and what they’re doing right and wrong, based on (hopefully) non-biased reviewers.

Who is Behind the Mask at Cheap Essays Online?

The above clip clearly shows us that the company hires writers from all over the world, clearly feeling that ESL (that means English as a second language!) writers are utilized often, if not exclusively at Cheap Essays Online. What that means, is that you will get a writer who does not understand American slang, wording, and shorthands that only English-speaking (and preferably Canadian and American) writers would understand inside and out.

As for who actually runs the company, they certainly don’t make that known or understood based on their website. The only information they have is on the writers.

One thing for sure, though, is that they are 100% NOT located in the US, UK, or Canada!

Are They Really Cheap Enough to Call Themselves Cheap Essays Online?

Keep in mind that students most often don’t have 14 days+ notice to give an essay writing service. One of the reasons we give shorter notice is that we genuinely want to write the thing ourselves. It’s only when the clock is ticking down and we realize we can’t manage it, that we reach out to an essay service. With that being said, the 1-2 day’s notice price is $24-$28, which is right on-par with the competition. You know what that means, right? Why call themselves “Cheap Essays Online?”

What Kind of Reviews Do They Have?

They only have 4 reviews on Sitejabber. One is a 1-star review, and 3 are 3-star reviews that look bought. Not worth posting them here, but you can check them out on Sitejabber. Let’s check out the reviews on Trustpilot.

Yeah…so next to no online reviews. Typically, what that means is that a company is either brand-new or that they simply don’t have any traffic (no real clients to leave reviews). Unfortunately, we could not find how long the company has been in business to share with you here.

Some Interesting Asides to Consider:

We found evidence that this company is like so many other foreign essay-writing services in that they have all different names, but it’s actually the same outfit. Look at this example below that shows information on the writers at and Cheap Essays Online. See how similar they are? We don’t typically see these categories of writers, but both of the two companies call their writer categories “Basic,” “Advanced,” and “TOP,” which raises red flags. writer categories
Cheap Essays Online

Quick question: Shouldn’t ALL of the writers be great? I mean, should you really have to pay more to get a native English-speaking writer? Should you have to pay more to get a better writer? That part doesn’t add up. When companies try to upsell customers by getting them “better” writers, it all feels a little scammy, since we go to you looking for a good writer to begin with! After all, aren’t we assuming all of your writers are good, which is why we’re willing to pay in the first place?

Interestingly, in the FAQ’s, for the question of “How long does it take you to find me a writer?” here is the reply.

What if your paper was due in 24 hours? What if it was due in 2 days? Well, according to the the FAQ, you may not get one in time.

Wrapping it Up:


  1. Prices are in-line with competition (even though they’re called “cheap” in their name)
  2. They seem to have a wide array of services according to the site
  3. The ordering process seems easy enough


  1. Blatant misleading (lying) regarding the cost of their services. Check this out below.

Nope, not true!

Nowhere does it look like you can actually get a one-page paper for $8 on this site. That is a false claim posted right next to the real pricing! But, like we said earlier, the $14 is with a 2-week’s notice project. That isn’t even realistic. However, the $8 is just ridiculous and unsubstantiated.

Cons continued…

2. They are unapologetic when it comes to their writers not being native English speakers

3. They’re not located in the US

4. They lie about how many online reviews they’ve got

If they have nearly 3,000 online reviews, then why do major sites like Trustpilot and Sitejabber not reflect that?

Our Verdict:

We suggest you proceed with extreme caution when deciding to buy a paper from a company that is outside of the US or Canada, posts blatant lies on their site (because a good company doesn’t need to lie), has grammatical errors all over their website content (like no dash between “money” and “back” in the above image, which should be “money-back guarantee), and who brags about having non-native English-speaking writers (going as far as telling you that you’ll need to pay more to get a native English-speaking writer…who we’re betting they don’t even have on staff!).

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