Can You Trust (Updated 2021)

Approximately $25-$31 per page



English Level







  • Comprehensive website
  • Variety of services
  • Chat representatives at the ready


  • Unsubstantiated claims that all writers possess high-level degrees
  • Aggressive chat reps that go for the sale at any cost
  • Higher than average prices unless you give at least 10 days notice on projects
  • Customers do not get to choose their own writer
  • Satisfaction guarantee ends after short period

* Attention *

This site is no longer active (2021)

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Is Legit?

This company is legit in the sense that they have live chat, real writers, and will turn in a paper to you if you pay for one. Where it gets into a gray area is the slickness they display in trying to up sell through the chat feature. If you go on to browse and acclimate yourself to the site, a chat agent quickly pops up and offers help, which is normally a quite helpful feature. The problem is when they quickly try to push you into a sale when you say you’re “just looking for now.” Here are a couple examples of the pushiness we encountered while browsing the site.

Other Reviews:

Interestingly enough, Trust Pilot, which is a very popular review site, only lists one review for and it is from 2018. This makes us wonder how many customers actually use the site, and certainly begs believably since the lone reviewer has only 4 reviews herself and it just so happens to be a good review. Food for thought…

Writing Services Offered & More

Where is Located?

The chat representative said their main office is in Delaware, but that the company outsources customer service to Manila, Philippines. She also said that the writers are from the U.S., U.K., Australia, and 10% are from “different countries.” She didn’t clarify which countries.

Often times, what we find when looking into these online writing services is that they will list a city as their location, but in reality that is where they opened their website not where they are operating. Writers

The website boasts a writing team of employees that all possess Master’s and/or Ph.D.’s. The reason this is hard to believe is because it’s so uncommon in this industry. If a person has one of these higher degrees, great. Many writing services employ top-notch writers with impressive educations. However, to say that they all have them is unlikely for a number of reasons. One of them that’s most obvious is that someone with a Ph.D. is not likely in a hurry to take home $10 per page on a project. Also, it’s clear that a lot of these writers…sorry to say…just are not that versed in the qualifications needed for even high-school level papers.

24/7 Support?

It seems that no matter when you visit the site, you will be greeted with a chat representative. So that sounds good, but be careful. They come at you pretty strongly to make the sale. When it comes to offering genuine help, it’s about 50/50. They are apparently trained to close the deal before ending the chat. A side note is that the chat reps seem to be handling multiple conversations at once based on their response times.

Before you try to end your chat, be prepared that the chat agent will demand to know what type of payment you’ll be using and how quickly. That is pretty uncommon, but it’s the case with Strange and a little “used car salesman-like.” Paper Quality

The quality is average, but certainly does not warrant the higher prices that accompany the projects. Most people do not usually mind spending a little more for premium, but when you consistently get back papers that failed to adhere exactly to your instructions that is not premium quality by anyone’s standards.

The writers seem to either be foreign or at least a mixed bag when it comes to native English speakers and non-native English speakers. It’s nearly impossible to know what you’re going to get since a lot of the writers make “Americanized” profiles for wary customers who want to deal with English-speaking writers. So you think you’re getting an American writer, but then the paper reads funky, phrased in ways that do not flow in normal American conversations or text.


When we did some test papers, the revision responses were spotty. Out of the three test papers, one writer did not respond to the request. We couldn’t get a reply in a timely manner from customer service and the “chat” person did not seem to have the capabilities to get us a result. The other two papers were revised, but only corrected about 25% of what needed corrected, and one of them missed the deadline by a mile, rendering that paper completely useless.

Warning: The money-back guarantee they offer is only good on some papers and within 3 days of it being marked “completed.” The problem is, many students do not get their grade back that quickly. So if they fail miserably, even, it won’t matter if the grade comes in past the 3-day deadline.

Our Advice

You might get a decent paper on here. It’s a bit of a gamble since the site matches you with your writer, rather than you getting to pick your own. In the industry, it is most common to pick your own writer. Think about it: Wouldn’t you like to talk to your writer before making a purchase? Also, when multiple writers bid, you can select one based on your budget, not whoever the site deems “a perfect match.”

We’ve read some questionable feedback on whether the company holds up their promises of revisions and money-back guarantees. It sure sounds like they do not, at least not with enough regularity for us to recommend them.

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