Can You Trust Easy Essay (.us)?

Easy Essay (.us)

$37.20 per page with 2 days' notice if you want a native English speaking writer








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  • Foreign company
  • No reviews
  • High prices

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Who is Easy Essay?

There is no “About Us” page, but they have a page called, “Our Writers.”

Easy Essay claims to have 500 writers from all over the world.

It’s very hard to believe they have 500 writers standing by to take on your project. But as you can see, those writers (however many there are) are from a lot of foreign countries. This means your paper will be written by someone whose first language is not English.

The company location is in Cyprus (not an English-speaking country).

Easy Essay is located in Cyprus (not an English-speaking country).

How Much is a Paper?

That depends! Do you want a native English-speaking writer? If so, you’ll pay more. If you want an “advanced” writer, rather than “best available,” you’ll pay more. If you want a “Top 10” writer, you guessed it: You’ll pay more!

If you want a native English speaker, you’ll pay a lot more.

The bottom line? You’re looking at over $37 per page to get an English-speaking writer. Now, where is the proof they’re really “advanced” or even a native English speaker? Not sure about that because, really, the proof would be in the finished product. But to get that, you have to gamble by placing an order, right?

List of Services:

All it lists under the “Services” tab is:

~Custom essay

~Custom assignment

~Custom research paper

~Custom thesis

It’s not a very comprehensive look at what Easy Essay offers, is it? One could probably assume they tackle the same projects any essay writing service does.

Online Reviews: shows no reviews for Easy Essay. shows no reviews for Easy Essay.

There are no online reviews for this company, which is a red flag. Either the essay service is brand-new or they simply don’t have any customers. Either way, proceed with caution because real customers leave reviews, whether positive or negative.

Pros & Cons:




  1. Foreign company
  2. No online reviews
  3. High prices

Our Verdict:

There are better, more established essay writing services out there. Plain and simple. These guys charge too much, are located in a foreign country (using foreign writers), and have no reviews. We’re not really sure how, in good conscience, we could recommend them.

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