Can You Trust Edu Birdie?

Edu Birdie

$28-$42 with 2 days' notice








  • A lot of online reviews
  • Plenty of services


  • Foreign (Bulgaria)
  • High prices
  • Assault of bids after requesting a price

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Who is Edu Birdie?

EduBirdie is an online essay writing service that is based in Bulgaria (or Cyprus or Ukraine) or another foreign country that does not speak English as its native language. The reason we aren’t 100% sure where they are, is that it all depends on where you get that question answered.

Their website shows Bulgaria…

EduBirdie address
The EduBirdie website shows their location as being in Bulgaria.

Another essay review service, Essay Review Hub, shows their mailing address as Cyprus…

EduBirdie address
Essay Review Hub shows a screen shot of the mailing address of EduBirdie being in Cyprus.

But, apparently, EduBirdie has since changed their mailing address to a US-based location??

EduBirdie address
Now, the mailing address shows Wilmington, Delaware.

All of this is simply to say that it’s not exactly easy to figure out where EduBirdie is operating from. That’s a little unsettling. We can almost guarantee you, they’re not in the US, though. Why the run-around?

But what about their domain? Where is it registered? Oh, Iceland you say? You’re right!! domain registration
EduBirdie is registered in Iceland, just to add to the mystery.

As for who is running the company, your guess is as good as ours. For all we know, they’re operating under multiple business names and you may have already worked with them unknowingly.

All we’re sure of is that right now we’re seeing (in writing!) locations in Iceland, Cyprus, Bulgaria, and Delaware…

How Much is a Paper?

We filled out the most basic prompt, a 1-page essay due in 2 days. We didn’t select a grade level or give any specifics. We had to give a personal email address to get a price.

Bids from writers on EduBirdie
The prices vary quite a bit at EduBirdie for a basic paper.

As you can see, the prices range from $28-$42 per page. The $28 price isn’t bad, but $42 is outrageous. This is a ONE PAGE paper with 2 days’ notice.

Did you notice that all of these “bids” are from professors, doctors, etc.? We’re to believe that EduBirdie only uses writers with exceptionally high degrees and experience levels? If so, why are they working so cheap? Look at “Dr. Giselle” who is willing to write your paper for $27. That means, if she’s lucky, she’ll walk away with half of that. Take out taxes and she just spent an hour or two researching and writing an essay for about $10. Hmm…

EduBirdie uses an automated system to produce these bids. You can assume the photos of the writers are not really the writers themselves. Who knows who would be writing your paper. Well, that part doesn’t matter, does it? We don’t need to SEE our writer. It’s just the deception that bothers us, the fake profiles, titles, and photos. It lends to suspicion on what we can actually believe here.

Online Reviews:

Reviews for EduBirdie on
There are no online reviews on for
Reviews for on shows a lot of reviews for

As you can see, Trustpilot doesn’t have any reviews posted on EduBirdie, but Sitejabber has a lot. There are over 1700 reviews on Sitejabber. The negative ones talk about poor customer service, prices going up too quickly, and incompetent writers. There are a lot of positive reviews, too, in fairness.

We suggest you do a little research on your own and see what you come up with. You can’t judge a company solely on their reviews, whether they’re good or awful. So, take into account pricing, location of company, your customer service experience when you make efforts to connect with someone, and other important factors before you decide whether or not to order a paper with EduBirdie.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Plenty of online reviews
  2. Offer all of the basic services


  1. Foreign essay service
  2. You need to give an email to get a price, then are assaulted with dozens of emails and bids
  3. Prices are high (up to $42 per page?? with 2 days’ notice)

Our Verdict:

When a company won’t tell you directly where they are from, that is a big red flag. When you reasonably conclude the service is foreign, that’s another big red flag. When you have to provide an email just to get a basic price, again with the red flags.

About the email, think of it this way. We gave a fake email because, let’s face it, you shouldn’t have to provide that just to get a price. Well, the moment we did, we were bombarded with quotes, meaning they were automatically generated. So…why force us to give an email if the quotes were going to come to the site immediately anyway? Does EduBirdie use your email for some other reason??

In general, we suggest you look elsewhere for your next paper. Until EduBirdie can be a little more straightforward about their location, their policies, and pricing (it seems to be going up rapidly), then we can’t comfortably trust them enough to recommend them.

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