Can You Trust EduVinci?


$25-$36+ per page with 2 days' notice








  • Some positive reviews online (not many)
  • Lower prices (but watch for hidden fees)


  • Foreign company
  • Pay a lot more for native English-speaking writers
  • Secretive about origins and location

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Who is EduVinci?

Chat agent will not tell us much about the company at EduVinci.

Why do these essay writing services (always the foreign ones) withhold information that would help a customer feel comfortable ordering from them? Shouldn’t we be able to know a little more about a company before paying them money for goods and services? It just feels like they never want to tell customers their real location, who the writers are, and what drives them as a company!

There is no “About Us” page, so we couldn’t find any type of back story on who founded the company, what drives them, and what they get from providing a service to the academic community.

How Much is a Paper?

So many essay writing companies charge a hefty fee for a better quality writer. We feel they should all be great writers. Otherwise, what is the company doing employing them? It’s fine to charge a little more for a better-qualified writer. People should be compensated fairly for their expertise, right? However, who is to say that the writer you’re paying up to 45% more to get, is actually more educated, more experienced, and an all-around better writer? These essay writing services show no proof to go along with the inflated rate! Besides, no writer should be nearly double priced. That tells us that there is a huge disparity (by the company’s standards) between one group of their writers and another.

As you can see, the price for a 1-page paper (we gave 2 days’ notice) with a “Top” writer (because who wouldn’t want the company’s best set of writers?), is a whopping $36.25! That is completely ridiculous! Now, if you’re willing to go with a mid-line “Pro” writer, knowing that’s not their best, that would bring your paper to $31.25, still an awful lot for one page!

Online Reviews:

Here is a random sampling of the mixed reviews we found online. There were not many reviews to be seen, but here are six for you to look at.

A word on reviews: Obviously, some good reviews (in any industry) are paid for and therefore don’t count. On the other hand, some bad ones are vindictive, and done to discourage you from using a competitor’s service (or product), so those don’t count either. The problem, of course, is that we have no idea which is which. But what you can take from reviews is little bits and pieces that glean insight into a company’s worth. For example, if multiple people are saying the refund policy sucks, then it stands to reason it probably does. If several reviews say the essay service uses foreign writers, or you have to pay for English-speaking writers, then that’s probably the case.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Some positive reviews online (not many, but some)
  2. Lower prices (but watch for the add-on’s and hidden costs to get an English-speaking writer)


  1. Foreign company
  2. You need to pay a lot more for a native English-speaking writer
  3. The service is secretive about who runs it, where they’re located, etc.

Our Verdict:

You should be allowed to ask questions about an essay writing service. For example, who started the company? How long have you been in business? Where are you located? All of those basic questions are dodged or lied about when you ask most of these foreign essay services.

Also, you should never have to pay extra (up to 45%) for a native English-speaking writer. That right there tells you that the essay service is foreign!

There are many other services out there that answer your questions, build trust with potential customers, and genuinely want to help you achieve academic greatness. Our advice? Move on, because EduVinci is far from the best out there!

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