Can You Trust Essay Pro? (Updated 2021)

$13.34 per page if due in 2 days



Customer service




Site usability



  • Cheap
  • Nice site
  • Long history
  • Discount codes


  • Foreign writers
  • Slow service
  • No free revisions
  • Grammar and spelling errors

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Is legit? Let’s dive in to see. is an essay writing service operating out of Ukraine, like most other essay providers in this industry. While we couldn’t find out the year they were established, we have been aware of their website since 2017. With a history so long, you’d expect they would have a lot of positive reviews and happy clients based on their flashy website. However, that’s just not the case as this service is staffed by foreign writers who’ve never stepped foot in the USA. prices their essays at about $11 per page and has many discounts. Obviously, this is a cost-effective option. But as the saying goes, you cannot pay for bronze and expect gold results. If you choose a provider that is based abroad and uses foreign writers, it’s going to cost you when it comes time for your grades.

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Where is located?

It’s tough to say for sure where is based. Judging from our research, we found that the owner of the Essaypro trademark is a company based in Malta. However, on Instagram, it shows that they are operated primarily from Ukraine. Much like many of the other services in this industry with a few exceptions, we expect they do business out of Ukraine. You have to decide for yourself if you want to place your grades in the hands of a company that doesn’t even list the country or address they do business in on their website?

Essaypro Writers boasts low prices. It’s what they’re known for. But just like McDonalds in comparison to a Five Guys or Shake Shack, that low price option is going to make your wallet feel good but the quality of the product itself might make you sick!

Based on our conversations (and the fact that there were 27 bids for our project within 2 seconds of posting it), it is clear that they used an automated system where the robot system bids for them before they even familiarize themselves with the subject and prompt. Then, it’s clear that when the writers are asked about a basic topic that would be relevant to an American student, they can’t put together a coherent response.

I asked the writer if they were familiar with Jon Bon Jovi. This was their error-filled response. I wouldn’t truth my grades with them if their initial message, the one where it is most crucial for them to make a good impression, is off-putting and full of grammar errors.

24/7 Support?

When I created an account, I was pleased to see that there was 24/7 support. However, none of my messages were answered after about 15 minutes of sending them. You can see in the picture below that the status for the support person was “Away”. I don’t understand why they advertise 24/7 support if they plan on being away during a critical business day (Monday evening). Don’t expect to hear from them when you need them most.

Looks like they use a basic chat bot and don’t answer when you have questions. If you’re available 24/7, you should answer messages.

How Much is a Paper?

The price we got per page on a basic essay due in 2 days is $13.34. – Paper Quality (Trash)

Now to the main point: Does give top quality essays as they claim they do?
Our answer is a resounding no. It’s obvious to us that no American writer worth their salt would ever craft a custom essay with citations for a measly $10 per page (less when you factor that the company gets a cut of the sale). After reading our paper, it’s obvious that it was written by a foreign hack that hasn’t spent a second in the USA much less knows basic spelling and grammar. It would take an hour or two minimum to edit our paper into something usable, so in essence, we just bought ourselves a headache.


They claimed free revisions and 24/7 support but were nowhere to be found when we voiced our displeasure.

Our Verdict:

Stay FAR, FAR away from and all related businesses. They charge low prices, but it comes at the expense of quality. Avoid them at all costs!

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  1. Wish i had seen this before I paid almost $150 for a piece of sh$t essay!! Requested with four days notice and the writer still missed the deadline and didn’t cite properly. Should have done my research first

  2. Garbage site that likes to take your money and then not answer emails for months asking for a deserved refund. Never using again. Fuck Essaypro

  3. Essay Pro is a fuckin joke. Writer missed my deadline by 3 DAYS!! Site said they can offer me a credit. No thanx! will be disputing with my credit card

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