Can You Trust Essay Shark? (Updated 2021)

Essay Shark

$20 per page



English Level







  • Nicely designed website
  • Reasonable price
  • Plenty of available writers


  • Poor customer support
  • No free revisions
  • Foreign writers unfamiliar with the subtleties of the English language
  • Operate under multiple business names

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Is Essay Shark Legit?

Essay Shark has a fairly comprehensive website, which might be impressive were it not for the obviousness of their content being written by a foreign writer. Hard as they try, non-native English speakers cannot mimic American language in a believable way. That will easily be called out by teachers and professors grading the finished papers of the clients that put their trust in Essay Shark.

The company seems to play up the whole “cheap” aspect quite a bit on the site, but they do not readily advertise any pricing windows. They also talk about how little time they need to complete even the most difficult papers, saying 3 hours notice will do. That seems like false advertising since no one could write a 7-10 page college-level paper in under 3 hours, unless it’s plagiarized.

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Where is Essay Shark Located?

Hmm…well, not in the United States, that’s for sure!

Essay Shark Writers:

In order to speak with a writer, a prospective client is required to fill out information specifying what type of paper he or she needs. After submitting your project request, a screen pops up, telling you how many bids you have. When I submitted a paper request, immediately 87 bids were made within one second. Obviously that is impossible and felt like such an obvious inflation that the entire site began to quickly lose credibility.

When I began to speak with writers, I reached out to about half a dozen, two of whom replied to my chat request. I thought it strange that all of these people “bid” but only two would answer my questions.

Here is one of the two replies. Unfortunately, the other one was no better.

I asked for a 2-page paper analyzing a Hollywood film that depicts a U.S. president. It was like pulling teeth to carry on a conversation with this person. I ended up testing him by saying, “Could we use the film, ‘Mamma Mia’?” His reply was, “Yes, sure we can.” Obviously Mamma Mia does not have any characters based on U.S. presidents, but rather than look it up if he was uncertain, he simply agreed to get the sale!

24/7 Support?

As I said, out of the half-dozen writers I reached out to, only two responded. The rest ignored me. One of those two writers said he would get back to me after researching some things and never did.

The site claims to have round-the-clock support, and even boasts a 6-minute reply to inquiries. That was not the case when I reached out to multiple writers.

Essay Shark Paper Quality

The quote I got for a 2-page (500-word) paper was $40 across the board from all “87” writers. I found that strange since the bids came in too quickly for any of them to look into the details of my specific project. When writers are independent contractors, it is highly suspicious for every single one of them to give the same price.

The website alone has so many errors that I could not in good conscience recommend this company to anyone looking for high-quality essays. Additionally, although the writers have a blanket “About me” blurb by their name (in very good English by the way), their struggle to effectively carry on a conversation naturally and with a grasp of the language is instantly apparent when they send their very first message to you.

There are better companies out there, period. Just because they offer cheap prices does not mean the quality of work will be guaranteed. One needs to look no further than the mistakes riddling their entire site.


Again, I could not reach anyone even though the site claims 24/7 support and a 6-minute response time. Buyer beware!

Our Advice?

Stay away from writing services that offer cheap prices and bombard you with instant offers. This company calls their own product “cheap” multiple times on their website, but fails to exhibit any level of true care for their clients by backing up the competitive prices with a promise of putting the customer first, respecting individual client needs, and taking the time to create high-quality work.

Swim away from Essay Sharks as fast as you can! There are safer companies on dry land…ones who actually care about their clients, not just racking and stacking orders.

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  1. I needed a paper for my online summer class and god am I ever regretting this one! I have been BOMBARDED with bids, like 80 in a few days. My email is blowing up and I can’t get these guys off my back. I didn’t go with them because I ended up being able to write my own paper that time but I will never try again with these guys. Not only are they harrassing me but I swear some of the “writers” have multiple profiles because they keep saying the exact same things. What a joke!

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