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Who is Essay USA?

Essay USA is not, in fact, in the United States. So, why call yourselves Essay USA?? Moving on, they claim to have been around since 2010, but all of their reviews are from 2020 and 2021 (with 1 exception: a 2017 review that stands alone).

The chat agent, Derrick, told us the company is in London. However, judging by many clues we found along our research journey, we’d say that might not be true. Just to give you a few examples, there are mistakes on their site that lead us to believe they don’t have a firm grasp on the English language (see “How Much is a Paper?”). Also, they make you pay a lot more for a native English-speaking writer. Don’t people in London speak English?? Lastly, they struggle with communication on chat…pretty badly. Sorry.

About Us section
About Us section on the website

Online Reviews:

Taken from the Essay website’s “About Us” section, you can see in the above illustration that they say they’ve been in business since 2010. Here’s the thing: We couldn’t find any reviews before 2017, and that was only one review on one site. Otherwise, ALL of their reviews are very new. Did they scrub the bad ones from the past? Were there no prior reviews??

Anyway, you can check out Sitejabber and Trustpilot for reviews, but we’ll warn you now that there aren’t many. Trustpilot has 34 reviews and Sitejabber has 9. Bleak. review page reviews for Essay review for reviews for Essay

Don’t be immediately taken in by the overall rating. Please go to the sites and look at all of the reviews to decide if Essay USA is the right essay service for you. Some of the negative reviews are worth looking at.

How Much is a Paper?

We all like a good LOL, right? Look below. Why is a college paper cheaper than a high school paper? Also, what’s the difference between “College” and “University”? You tell us, because we’re stumped. We’d guess it’s just a sign that the people running Essay USA don’t have a firm grasp on the English language or academic system, or maybe on US dollars. Maybe all three??

price page
Why is a college paper cheaper than a high school paper, unless it’s a typo??

But none of that matters since the real price for a basic essay due in 2 days is actually almost $49!!!!!!!

Price Calculator
Nearly $49 per page? Are you kidding us, Essay USA?

What kind of 1-page essay is worth almost $50 people?? We don’t care if they’re Harvard-educated writers (spoiler: they aren’t!) because just about every single other essay writing service out there will do it cheaper!

Pros & Cons:


  1. Friendly chat agents (not that that will help you with your grades!!)
  2. Offer plenty of services
  3. Hmm, yeah, that’s about it for the pros…


  1. Foreign company calling themselves Essay USA
  2. Sky-high prices (almost $49 per page)
  3. Very few online reviews

Our Verdict:

Let’s see, they’re NOT in the US, but call themselves Essay USA. Their prices are almost $49 per page (for an essay due in 2 days). They have very few online reviews. They say they’ve been in business since 2010, but their reviews are almost all from 2021. They make you pay a LOT more for a native English-speaking writer…

We could go on, but why? This is not a company we’d ever recommend for your high school or college paper. They don’t have a firm grasp on the English language AT ALL. Their site is full of false claims, and they’re just an overall mess.

You deserve better!

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