Can You Trust Essays Master?

Essays Master

$26 per page with 2 days' notice








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  • Foreign
  • Misleading information
  • Very few reviews

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Who is Essays Master?

Right out of the gates, they lie about where they’re located. They give the exact same spiel that so many other essay writing services give (probably because they’re all the same outfit!).

Although they say they’re in the UK, we have reasons to believe they are not.

Who knows where they’re located! It doesn’t matter, though, because either way they can’t write or spell good enough to pass our litmus test. Briefly read through their content and see for yourself. It’s bad, man.

The web content is written so poorly that it’s hard to read at all.

How Much is a Paper?

Price per page with 2 days’ notice at Essays Master.

So, why is it that when we continued toward the final payment process, the price went up?

Price went up for no reason

We didn’t add any details that should have made the price change. It was a very basic prompt: 1 page, college level, due in 2 days, one source. Nothing crazy. The first price was $25.46, but by the next page it went to $26.31. Why??

It’s companies like this that nickel and dime customers, that make us so frustrated! It’s misleading and unjustified.

Online Reviews:

There are very few reviews for Essays Master online. That’s usually a bad sign because it means they’re brand-new and have no clients yet, or they’re NOT new and still have no clients. has no reviews for Essays Master. reviews for Essays Master.
Over 1/3 of the reviews for Essays Master are poor on Sitejabber.

The above image shows a complaint about the service being from either India or Pakistan and being shut down for a week, delaying delivery of the guy’s project. It’s sometimes these sorts of miscommunications that you’ll find with foreign companies.

Chat Agents:

We get that chat agents usually remain anonymous, but how weird is the image below? He says he’s not a bot, but he’s also not one of their chat agents. Maybe it’s us, but we just find it hard to establish trust when essay services blatantly mislead us about what they offer.

Strange image for Chat agents.

Pros & Cons:




  1. Foreign essay service
  2. Very few reviews, and many of those aren’t good
  3. Terribly written web content

Our Verdict:

Foreign company, check. Practically illegible web content, check. Misleading chat agents, check. This company is not worth your $26+ per page. They just aren’t.

When you catch an essay writing service (or any company) in a lie, it’s time to move on. They say they’re in the UK, but it’s so obvious that they’re foreign (can’t write, can’t speak well) and trying to make us think they’re native English speakers.

We do not recommend Essays Writer. Heck, even the name reads foreign, right? “Essays Master” instead of “Essay Master.” Find an essay writing service that is at least run by native English speaking staff and writers. That’s our suggestion.

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