Can You Trust (Updated 2021)

Too ridiculously hard to get a quote

Paper quality




Ease of use



  • Low cost
  • Lots of available writers


  • Paper quality was terrible
  • Foreign writers
  • No visible coupon codes
  • Website had grammar errors

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Is the real deal? Read to find out. (Essay Service) is one of the first results to pop up when you Google the phrase “Essay service”. Clearly, the team behind it knows how to rank websites well. However, while they might market their brand well, their services are not a good option for American and other English speakers to utilize.

Who owns does business as “EPRO” and shares some of the same marketing and language as another service we reviewed: They offer the following services:

  • Essay outlines
  • Essay editing & proofreading
  • Essays from scratch (custom essays)
  • Lab reports
  • & More

Are writers American?

Much like their counterparts in, Essayservice utilizes writers from foreign countries to write their papers, thus boosting their profit margins. However, that extra profit comes at the expense of quality, and it’s the customer who suffers.

Essayservice says themselves that they use writers from India, Africa and other countries/continents. If you are a native English speaker and you attempt to commission a paper from these guys, expect to get laughed out of the classroom when it comes time for grading.

However, what is odd is that when you click on their website, you’ll see only USA & British writer profiles. It’s likely that these are fake, after all, the first “author” is named Phil Collins, just like the famous singer… – Paper Quality

Is legit? Absolutely not. They misrepresent their writers and the paper that we ordered was not only late, it was full of grammar errors that made it look like a second-grader wrote it. Worse more, the writer misunderstood the prompt and wrote a summary instead of an analysis. If we had access to check it for plagiarism, it would likely reveal that much was copied and pasted from an internet database like Coursehero. is a low-quality service that might work for some foreign exchange students in a bind, but if you’ve got the money, spring for something better.

Our Advice?

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  1. is a fucking joke. Scam artists that ripped me off and refuse to compensate me for the garbage they provided me in exchange for my hard earned money. During a pandemic it’s disgusting companies do this

  2. Save your moneyyyyyyyyyy! These guys offer low prices but then what you get back is illegible. I am totally screwed with the paper I just got back and now I can’t get anyone to answer my emails!!!!!!

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