Can You Trust Extra Essay?

Extra Essay

$22 per page with 2 days' notice








  • Reasonable rates
  • Reviews to check out on Sitejabber
  • Admit their location is foreign (many essay services don't)


  • Located in Poland (outside the US is a con for us)
  • Poorly written web content
  • Inflated numbers of customers

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Who is Extra Essay?

Keeping straight with the company’s own web content, let’s find out who Extra Essay is, shall we?

Web content is really confusing.

Um…it’s worth reading the whole short paragraph, but if you’re short on time just check out the underlined parts. Is this how you’d write/speak? Probably not. If you would, then we guess it’s a good thing you’re in college, because “over 10 hundred clients annually” is just an unacceptable way to word it. And P.S., it’s not a real number anyway. There is no way this company has over 10,000 customers annually. Nope.

What is “85% customer payback” supposed to mean? We’ve certainly never heard of anything like this.

Lastly, at the bottom of the “About Us” page, Extra Essay lists their contact information. At least they’re honest about their location. Most foreign companies aren’t. They’ll say they’re located in Michigan or California or Delaware, some place like that. Extra Essay is coming clean that they’re foreign, anyway.

Extra Essay is located in Poland.

We always warn our readers that they need to watch out for foreign essay writing services. You wouldn’t write a Polish student’s college paper. So, why would a Polish writer try to tackle yours?

How Much is a Paper?

We didn’t get far in the price calculating process before Extra Essay forced us to give an email. We had to create an account just to get an estimate. At first, they said it would be $17.00. But when we clicked the “Continue” button, we couldn’t proceed until we provided an email (created an account).

First step in getting a price at Extra Essay.
With no change to our prompt, the quote went up $5.00. Why??

As you can see in the second image above, when we created an account, the price immediately went up by $5.00! Why?? What changed? As you can see in the prompt, we had almost no info typed in. Just a college essay, one page, due in 2 days. So why did the price go up so much when we created an account?

Online Reviews:

We didn’t find anything crazy with reviews. Basically, Trustpilot bans Extra Essay. They do this with a lot of essay services though. Sitejabber shows 123 reviews, mostly good.

Remember, reviews can be tricky. You have to take everything about a service into consideration before making your decision. You need to consider price, customer service, website claims (are they realistic), and many other factors, because reviews can be fake. Bad ones can be fake. Good ones can be fake. Just go with your gut and use common sense. bans Extra Essay from their site. reviews

Pros & Cons:


  1. Reasonable rates (even though they change from page to page)
  2. Reviews on Sitejabber
  3. The company admits they’re located outside of the US


  1. Foreign company (Poland)
  2. Poorly written web content (makes us wonder about paper quality)
  3. Outlandish website claims that seem really fake

Our Verdict:

Based on the crazy website claims, the poorly-written web content, forcing a browsing customer to enter personal information just to get an initial quote, the company being foreign, and the sketchy online reviews…whew! We’re going to take a pass on Extra Essay. We suggest you proceed with caution if you’re considering these guys for your next paper. We aren’t saying not to use them. Just do your homework on them first.

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