Can You Trust Fast Essay? (*This is actually Essay Shark…keep reading)

Fast Essay

$17.50 per page with 2 days' notice



Ordering process





  • Quick bids
  • Reasonable rates


  • Foreign company
  • Operate under multiple names
  • Difficult ordering process

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Who is Fast Essay?

Fast Essay is located in Cyprus.

When we tried to find out how long the company has been in business, their response referred to themselves by a different name, Essay Shark.

Fast Essay is actually Essay Shark.

We Already Reviewed These Guys…(Kind of)

A while back, we reviewed Essay Shark and gave them a 4.3/10. The reason we are scoring Fast Essay lower is because we are deducting based on what we know now: This company is operating under multiple names, which is deceptive. We have since reduced the score on Essay Shark, too, because of this seedy business practice. You can go to our review on Essay Shark to see all of the things we like and dislike about them to help you make a more informed decision.

How Much is a Paper?

The ordering process is NOT easy! A time zone error kept coming up that eventually resolved itself, but that ate up over 30 minutes. Then, you have to attach a file. Even if all you want is an admissions essay or basic book report. You can bypass this by attaching a picture or anything you have in your browser, but you do need to attach something.

Immediately after you submit your request, it will show nearly 40 writers reviewing it which we found to be suspicious. We’re talking seconds, not minutes, for them to jump on it. It’s highly doubtful there are really 40 waiting writers at any given time to respond within 10 seconds.

All bids were the same price.

All of the bids were the same price, $17.50, for a one-page book report. This is a pretty low rate, but since they are operating from a foreign country where it’s cheaper to live, that makes sense.

Online Reviews: review is 5-star but actually a negative review.

Sitejabber has 36 reviews, but a lot of them seem fake. It doesn’t mean they are fake, just that they’re questionable. For example, Betty Q. gives Fast Essays 5 stars, but she admits she got a zero and that their prices are high to boot. Why the perfect score then? message when we search “Fast Essay.”

Trustpilot won’t work with Fast Essay, but we’ve seen this before with reputable essay writing services. We aren’t exactly sure why Trustpilot bans so many essay services, so we can’t say for sure that you should be wary of the company solely on Trustpilot’s warning. Let’s see what other information we can gather for you.

Something to keep in mind is that sometimes when a company has no reviews (or very few), it only means that they are a brand-new essay writing service rather than being “bad.” So, we asked Fast Essays how long they have been in business. They do not have a chat feature, so we emailed them.

They responded with the email that we’ve posted toward the top of this page. They refer to themselves as Essay Shark, another essay writing company, who have been in business 10 years.

Pros & Cons:


  1. By admitting they also operate as Essay Shark in the email, it allows you to access more onine reviews by typing in Essay Shark, as well as Fast Essay
  2. Quick bids after submitting request


  1. Foreign company that goes by multiple names (Essay Shark and Fast Essay to name two)
  2. Very few online reviews
  3. Difficult ordering process

Our Verdict:

It rubs us the wrong way that Fast Essay operates under the name Essay Shark, too, without making that obvious to prospective customers. It was only after we emailed and asked how long they’ve been in business that the name Essay Shark was mentioned.

The ordering process is tricky, at best, and was not really worth the time it took compared to ordering with other essay writing services.

The prices are low, but be careful because you’ll very likely get a foreign writer.

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