Can You Trust Fresh Essays? (Updated 2021)

Fresh Essays

$23 per page with 2 days' notice





Array of services



  • Have been around since 2013
  • Nice website
  • Prices are fair


  • Foreign company
  • Trustpilot warns against using them
  • 50% of their reviews on Sitejabber are terrible
  • Lure you in with promises of lower offers

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Fresh Essays homepage

*This company also operates under as seen in the image below.

Fresh Essays and Write My Essays are the same company.

This review will be solely for and not focused at all on Write My Essays, even though they both operate under the same umbrella. So, for starters lets talk about first impressions when visiting the Fresh Essays website.

First Impressions of Fresh Essays

The website is clean, easy to use, and pretty standard as far as essay writing service websites go. They, like many others, have a misleading calculator that makes it look like you’re going to get a high-quality essay for $10 per page, which we’re sorry to say isn’t likely. Look at the illustrations below.

20 days’ notice to get this low price at Fresh Essays.
2 days’ notice shows a more accurate price.

In the first picture, that is for a high school paper with 20 days’ notice! If you’re like most of us and don’t submit the project that far in advance, the second picture is much more accurate in pricing. That one is with 2 days’ notice, which is pretty common. Now if you bump this up to college level, the prices are $12 and $25 respectively (20 days’ notice and 2 days’ notice). Those prices are NOT crazy high, but just be honest in your advertising!

Writing From Scratch…is actually illegal!

The site boasts that “writing from scratch” is their most popular type of order fulfillment. In other words, they are doing the students’ entire paper/project/assignment for them. That, my friends, is a BIG no-no in the world of academia. Services are supposed to be an aid, almost a tutor if you will, to students who need a leg up. But Fresh Essays is very open about the fact that they disregard the rules and do the whole thing for you! Take a look.

Writing from scratch is illegal in the world of academia.

Other than that, the site says they pretty much tackle most projects. They list them out in categories such as “writing from scratch,” “editing/proofing,” “Powerpoints,” and “admissions essays.” Pretty standard stuff. Through all of our reviews, most companies offer the same run-of-the-mill services, so no surprises here.

Where are the Team at Fresh Essays From? Don’t expect an easy answer!

Well, if you take them at face value, Fresh Essays is located in Philadelphia.

Misleading location of Philadelphia, but actually located in Cyprus.

But take a closer look into their domain, and you’ll find…

So wait, they’re in Colorado, not Philadelphia? Well, since you asked, if you go to , you’ll see that Write My Essays and Fresh Essays are the same company. The domain for Write My Essays is in Cyprus, not Philadelphia. In other words, for some unknown reason, whoever is running the show here, decided to open domains for this company in Colorado and Cyprus, and give the company two different names, but say they’re both in Philly. Say what????

What are the Reviews for Fresh Essays Like?

The reviews are skeptical because, taking two major review sites, and, we found some really interesting stuff. First, look at the message/warning that comes up on Trustpilot for Fresh Essays.

Trustpilot won’t work with Fresh Essays.

We’ve never seen this before with any essay writing service (and we’ve reviewed some pretty questionable ones!). So, yeah, Trustpilot won’t even work with this company. Now let’s look at Sitejabber, where Fresh Essays has 102 reviews.

Sitejabber reviews for Fresh Essays are mixed.

Although the overall rating is good, it raises some red flags that almost 50% of the reviews are 1-star! It sort of makes us wonder if the good reviews are fake. We can’t say for sure, and we aren’t accusing. However, when nearly half of your reviews are the lowest possible rating, and then the other half are glowing 5-star reviews, it just makes us skeptical.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Prices are a little high, but not crazy (even if they initially make you think their rates are much lower than actual)
  2. They cover most topics
  3. They have been around a while (their blog posts go back to March 2013)


  1. Foreign writers (and deceptive about the company’s location)
  2. False claims of low prices, when they are actually moderate to high for industry standards
  3. 50% of Sitejabber reviews are 1-star (the other 50% are 5-star, making us question if they are paid for)

The Verdict:

You can give Fresh Papers a try. Their site isn’t riddled with grammatical errors like so many foreign-run essay writing services. They are, however, based in a non-native English speaking country and employ foreign writers. But we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt because the website is clean. Did they hire someone from the US or Canada to develop their web content though? If that’s the case, then your paper might still look obviously written by a writer who doesn’t speak English as his/her first language. All in all, the prices are somewhat fair, the blog posts and website look good, and other than the sketchy reviews, this company might be worth trying on a short paper (to keep your investment low until you develop trust). *The only sticking point is, “Why won’t Trustpilot work with them?”

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