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Is Essay Have Writing Services Worth Trying?

There are so many essay writing services online that it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff, as they say. One of the problems is that most services claim to be American, but very few actually are. The upfront deception is what we have the hardest time with because it starts off a customer’s relationship with them as phony right out of the gates.

Essay Have definitely makes some bold claims. Some of those claims are nearly impossible to prove or disprove. However, when you find one or two outright lies on a company’s website, then is it really worth investigating the whole outfit claim by claim? If there is one bold-faced lie then it stands to reason that the buyer should surely beware!

Let’s Examine Some Reviews…Well, Actually There is Only One Review (Not usually a good sign)

Disclaimer About Online Reviews…

On sites like Trust Pilot and Sitejabber, many times the reviewer has only ever posted the review you are reading. It’s not as if they have a long, respected history with 100+ reviews on the site. This lends us to wonder how legitimate the reviews actually are. For example, in both the good and the bad reviews, there are some red flags.

Where the red flags pop up is when companies have very few (or no) reviews. This could mean they are brand-new or that they simply don’t do enough business to generate reviews. Either way, be careful proceeding. Low numbers of reviews are not necessarily a bad thing. It just means you have to really be wary before paying out your hard-earned money to give them a chance.

Full disclosure: A lot of online reviews are fake anyway. So do your homework before purchasing any online paper (or other online product) and you won’t need to rely so heavily on a disgruntled or even ecstatic customer’s feedback.

When Asked How Long They’ve Been Established, the Chat Agent Said…

Then why do they have one review? Besides, do you see how vague that answer was? “We have more than 10 years experience on this market.” Not an answer to how long Essay Have has been established as a credible essay writing service at all!

Money-Back Guarantee?

When I spoke to Kate (chat rep) here’s what she said.

Not a very comprehensive answer to a question from a potentially nervous client! Her answers seemed short and a little “off.” This might explain why…

Where is Essay Have Based Out of and Where are the Chat Agents From?

Are the Writers Native English Speakers?

How About Pricing?

I told Kate I would need a 2-page double-spaced college paper for History. She asked when it was due and I said “in four days.” Here is how that went…

Comparing the price with many, many other essay writing services (and with a 3-day notice) that seems a reasonable price for a basic 2-page paper. They aren’t the cheapest service in town or the most expensive.

Our Final Thoughts?

You can give Essay Have a try. The only thing we would caution you against is that we could not find enough information online about them to either recommend them or warn you against them. Sadly, you’re sort of on your own with this company. But what we CAN tell you is that they’re either very new or very inexperienced based on what we were able to uncover. .

They have a chat feature, which can be a good thing. Be careful though because the chat reps are usually foreign, reading from a script, and sometimes pushy to get the sale. Kate was not pushy, but there was certainly a communication gap that made things less smooth.

All in all, we think there are better services out there but if you really want to try them out, go for it. Start with a very small project though, and see how it goes. Also, get your questions answered upfront and save the emails or chats for proof of what they promised you!

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