Can You Trust Grademiners?


$19-$40 per page with 2 days' notice








  • Comprehensive website
  • Online reviews


  • Foreign
  • Complaints of plagiarism in reviews
  • Prices go up to $40 per page!

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Who is GradeMiners?

GradeMiners has a UK country code, but before we say they’re in Europe, we need to consider some other factors. For one thing, their website is in Gibraltar, which is part of Spain.

The bottom line is that although GradeMiners says they started in 2009 in the US, they certainly don’t seem to be in the US, and are not very forthcoming on their actual location. Why this is important is that if they’re a foreign company, they’re using foreign writers. You don’t want that!

How Much is a Paper?

The prices have quite a range, going from $19 to nearly $40! The reason for this swing is that GradeMiners offers varying levels of writers. So, you could get the most basic one, or upgrade to a (supposedly) higher quality one. price calculator
GradeMiners pricing is almost $20 per page if you can get the locked special price. Otherwise, it’s $23.44. prices
GradeMiners prices for their “best” writer are almost $34!

So, on the low end of the spectrum, the $19 (with special discount) is very low, indeed. But the premium level is almost $40 per page. Crazy! No matter how good of a writer you choose, you should not be paying that much.

Online Reviews: bans GradeMiners. review page reviews for GradeMiners

The main complaints we saw for GradeMiners is that they sometimes get snagged for plagiarism (oops!) and have unhelpful customer service.

Mainly, do some homework for yourself and see what you think of GradeMiners, rather than just going by reviews. Sometimes reviews can be skewed, either for the better or for the worse, so don’t go off JUST that.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Their lower-priced papers are not too big a risk if you want to try them out without spending too much upfront
  2. Lots of reviews on Sitejabber


  1. Foreign
  2. Lots of complaints about plagiarism in the reviews
  3. Their premium writers charge $40 per page

Our Verdict:

We don’t like when essay services withhold their location. Shouldn’t that be public knowledge? Also, their prices have a wild swing of between $19 and $40! There should not be that big a disparity in pricing at one essay service.

Foreign essay services use foreign writers. If you turn in a paper written by someone whose first language isn’t English, you run the risk of getting called out on it. There are US and Canadian essay services out there. You just have to look.

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