Can You Trust Geekly Hub? (Updated 2021)

Geekly Hub






English skills



  • Lower priced essays
  • Easy to navigate website
  • Accept most forms of payment


  • Sloppy grammatical errors all over site
  • Unrealistic promises such as 166 active writers waiting on stand-by
  • Terrible reviews including nearly impossible to ever get a refund

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The tough part of this review is answering the question, “Where do I begin?” Let’s roll up our sleeves and just dig in, shall we? The good news is, GeeklyHub may be run by native English speakers (strong emphasis on “may”). The bad news is that these English speakers make an awful lot of typos and blatant grammatical errors. In other words, while the typos are unfortunate and should really be caught in a basic proofread, the grammatical stuff is really obvious proof that these people actually don’t know how to write well. I’ll provide several examples of their careless errors below.

In the meantime, right off the bat I also noticed that the site is not overly specific in what they offer. That would be bad enough, but on top of that, they add to the mystery by contraditing themselves.

Here’s a quick example of how they can’t seem to get their story straight on their services offered…

In the FAQ, there is a question about “Geeks” (the word the company uses for their writers) doing a customer’s homework, a notion that is swiftly dismissed..

So GeeklyHub does NOT do your homework for you, right? OK, gotcha! But then on another page, they say this…

New customers would understandably be confused about this contradiction. I know we were!

Other GeeklyHub Reviews:

Before we go on…a word about the reviews. Sometimes when a company (any type of business) gets all 5-star reviews, it means they’re good. But most of the time it means they’re fake reviews. In the case of GeeklyHub, literally every review we could find was either 5-star or 1-star feedback. That’s a little fishy because it sounds like it’s a bad company that really angers it’s customers, but tries to couteract that with coerced 5-star reviews. By coerced, we mean either paid (read the final review posted above this paragraph) or at the very least, orchestrated by the company by offering discounts or other perks for perfect reviews. The problem with that is we have no idea what’s real and what isn’t with GeeklyHub because of all the phoniness!

GeeklyHub Writers (Geeks):

According to the site, customers can either choose their own writer or be set up with one. We’re assured they’re all at least a 4.7-star reviewed writer, yet there is no proof of that anywhere on the site…or in the reviews we could track down. Here is something interesting. When we visited the site, we saw this in regards to the writers currently waiting to take on a project…

That seems suspicious. On a given weekday, there are 166 educated, degree-holding, English-speaking writers sitting around waiting for a project on GeeklyHub? Did we mention that the salary GeeklyHub states they pay their writers is $20/hour?

GeeklyHub Paper Quality:

Very hard to say, my friends. If we go off of the reviews we found on sites like Trust Pilot and Sitejabber, they are a mixed bag with the bad ones being abominable. Check out the overall rating on Sitejabber. Look specifically at returns. Better hope you don’t have an issue with a bad grade, because GeeklyHub isn’t about to make getting your money back easy.

One More Note About Reviews:

These reviews are posted on the GeeklyHub site, which automatically makes them subject for suspicion. That bias aside, do the photos look oddly “stock” to you? They do to us! Now look closer at things like the use of “your” instead of “you” and “not my opion” instead of “not an option.” When “Katherine” said, “When your work…” she meant, “When you work.” Even if these were real customers (and judging from the stock photos, they are not) who may genuine typos or misspell words, GeeklyHub should have fixed them before posting. It’s kind of scary that they didn’t, quite frankly.

Obvious Mistakes on the Site:

Now we would not normally be nit-picky about someone’s spelling and grammar, at least not a company providing, let’s say gardening tools or footwear. However, when you ask hard-working students to pay you money for high-school and college-level papers, we think it’s within the real of reason to ask that your site prove that you are…I don’t know…legitimately good at writing!

One (of many) Typos:

In the FAQ’s, the answer given above says things like “deposited on your account” instead of “in your account” and “However, you can in full in advance if you wish so” rather than “However, you an pay in full in advance if you wish to do so.” Unacceptable honestly, for a writing service’s website. If they miss things like that, how can you trust them not to miss things on your paper?

A Grammatical Error:

This should be worded, “Time is a terrible thing to waste. Agreed?” Another way might be to say, “Wouldn’t you agree that time is a terrible thing to waste?” If you wanted to get a little edgy, you could word it, “There is nothing more terrible than the waste of time. Wouldn’t you agree?” I mean, there are lots of ways to get the point across, but using “agree” instead of “agreed” is the sign of an immature (or possibly foreign) writer. Just sayin’.

There are so many other typos and grammatical errors, that we couldn’t fit them all on here if we tried. Things like no space after a period. The layman might not catch that right away, but we did. A teacher will. And a company that takes your money to write papers for college, should!


There is not much to say here because the only hard, cold number given is $22/hr. The problem is, you have no earthly idea how many hours your project will take going into it. In order to get more information, you need to sign up (for free) to the site. Once you do, you’re promised the chance to chat with a Geek (writer) about pricing. At that point, maybe they give you a number. Is it accurate, or merely an estimate that is subject to change?

You need to put 30% down, so if the estimate you’re given ends up being way off, we’re guessing that 30% is about as far gone as the days when we though global pandemics were only the stuff of sci-fi movies.

Our Verdict:

There are a lot of essay writing services out there. We suggest selecting one that does not make you put 30% down and then hold your paper hostage. It is better to pay in full upfront with a legitimate company that is known to give a refund for a bad grade, than to play games with money down while you wait for a paper from a service with extremely spotty reviews and a website riddled with errors.

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2 thoughts on “Can You Trust Geekly Hub? (Updated 2021)

  1. I am currently awaiting a refund for a paper that did not follow the directions or use the template provide. I was told to show proof of the paper that I actually submitted and the grade.

    Not only did I submit proof of the paper that I submitted along with the course evaluators comments, I was essentially backed in a corner to provide my school login information because the proof submitted was “insufficient”. One could easily look at my paper and the geeks paper to confirm that I did not use ONE SENTENCE from the paper I paid him to write. Furthermore, you can look at the directions, template and evaluator comments to see that the paper provide by the geek was not in line with what was needed.

    Now I am currently waiting for “QA” to certify if the proof provided (them logging in to my school account and download my actual paper AND seeing the grade – all of which I had already provided) is sufficient.

    The paper provided was 100% my work!

    It seems extremely unethical and unprofessional. I am highly disappointed in the service.

    Update: So the 3 to 5 days only took about 12 hours for them to tell me that since the HEADER information in the papers were the same, I can’t get a refund! I provided the template! I did not use anything from the geeks paper. This is definitely robbery. Don’t waste your money.

    GeeklyHub is garbage!

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