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  • Communication - Admin team answers all emails within 1 hour
  • American writers who are super friendly
  • Attention to detail is HIGH
  • Top-3 Writing Service


  • Pricing is high
  • No discounts available on their website

Read on to see our thoughts about Killer Papers! homepage.

Is Killer Papers Legit? has made quite a name for itself. While it is a relatively new service (according to their social media, they were started within the past four years), it has gained substantial traction online and a positive reputation on sites like TrustPilot, SiteJabber and of course, their own social media. To find out if Killer Papers ( is legit, we decided to place three orders on their website to see what the process is like and to see if the writers are trustworthy. Read our Killer Papers Review below.

Writing Services Offered & More

Killer Papers, according to their website, offers the following services:

  • Essay outlines
  • Essay editing & proofreading
  • Essays from scratch (custom essays)
  • Discussion posts
  • Live-tutoring sessions
  • Homework help (On-demand tutoring like CheggStudy)
  • Resumes
  • Cover letters

    It’s unclear if they offer services like admissions essays or lab reports as those are not discussed on their site. *UPDATE* The site administrator has said that they will only edit/proofread scholarship and admissions essays – no writing from scatch.

Where is Killer Papers located?

While the exact city that Killer Papers is located in is not mentioned on their website, it is clear based on communications with their writers, reading their blog posts, reading about their writers ( and the information on their social media that they are based in Canada. While many of the essay services we review claim to have native English speakers, most are based in Ukraine or other locations abroad. Killer Papers is one of the only services based in North America and staffed by Americans and possibly Canadians.

Who owns Killer Papers?

We sent a message to the Killer Papers team asking to speak with the owner and let him know we were writing a review for While he prefers to keep a low price, the owner of Killer Papers had this to say:

Killer Papers Owner Review
Message from KP, the owner of Killer Papers.

What we liked about KP’s response was his candidness about the industry. While the essay writing service industry is considered unethical by some, KP seems to really take pride in the work they put out. Their transparency wins them points.

Killer Papers Pricing & Promo Code?

For this part of our Killer Papers review, we’ll look at their average prices. Killer Papers ( is one of the pricier sites that we’ve seen. For the three orders we submitted, we didn’t receive any offers below $24/page. According to their site, the reason for their high pricing is due to having USA writers which carry a higher cost than foreign writers. Given that the cost of labor in the USA is more expensive than countries like Ukraine or Kenya, this makes complete sense. If you want to have the best of the best, probably go with a site like this one. You’re going to have someone that sounds American writing your project and that will lead to fewer issues when you go to turn it in.

Killer Papers – Paper Quality

Now to the main point: Does Killer Papers deliver top quality as they claim they do?
Our answer is YES. While the price is generally higher, I’m confident any of the three papers we purchased would score at least a 90% if used at a U.S. college or university.

Killer Papers – YouTube

Killer Papers has a YouTube channel as well where they post clips, videos and even a podcast. It’s nice to hear from the person who owns the company. That gives us more peace of mind when considering a purchase from KillerPapers.

Our first Killer paper (Sample):

As you’ll see, the header is correct, the language sounds Native-English and the overall quality is high. Also, the sources are done correctly, and like we said, that’s half the battle. A lot of the sites we review don’t do proper works cited or in-text citations, and that can easily take a paper to an F-level in seconds.

MLA format sample from Killer Papers. (Actual purchase from

Our second Killer paper (Sample):

APA format sample from Killer Papers. (Actual purchase from

Writer Tutorials and Live Writing

On the Killer Papers YouTube channel, writers Matt, Tom and Courtney all write live videos. You can watch them all on their channel and it shows them writing about crazy subjects totally from scratch. You can also request to work with these specific writers on

A writer at walks you through the essay writing process. It’s clearly an American speaking, which lends to credibility that the site uses English-speaking writers.


While we didn’t feel the Killer Papers projects needed any major revisions, we always like to ask just to see what kind of response we’d be met with. Each writer offered “light” revisions at no-cost if we were unsatisfied. If it was anything beyond basic revisions, they said we’d need to talk to the Killer Papers admin team. Our Killer Papers review continues below.

Killer Papers Reddit Reviews, Other Reviews

There are a few KillerPapers Reddit reviews, as well as a few places where people discuss the company. Reddit can be a great source but also a place where you have to be careful as people can fake reviews with bots pretty easily.

Final Thoughts – Killer Papers Review

If quality, not price, is your top concern, you’d be in good hands with Killer Papers. The prices are a bit higher than what you’ll find on one of the other essay writing service websites, but like all things that are made in America, that’s to be expected. You can also expect the price tag to be worth it. If you use a cheap site, you’re going to get a headache as you’ll need to fix citations, the works cited, and arguments. You might even need to revise the language. Killer Papers will give you a finished product that’s ready to go.

Our Verdict:

If you’ve got the money, go with Killer Papers. You likely won’t be disappointed.

Is KillerPapers legit?

Yes, the papers are high quality, plagiarism-free, score a 99 on Grammarly and the writers are always asking questions to ensure that all aspects of the prompt are met and delivered.

Is Killer Papers free?

No. It starts around $27/double-spaced page. This is a bit high, but it is also staffed by North American writers and puts out the highest quality we’ve seen from an essay writing service.

Does Killer Papers work?

Yes. They will do a higher quality job on your essay than most paper writing services. You can chat with up to 4 of their writers before paying, which is rare in this industry.

Killer Papers discount code?

Killer Papers offers a discount code for first time customers. DM them or contact their website,, to get a code.

Is Killer Papers legit Reddit?

Killer Papers debunks false reddit reviews on his YouTube channel. YouTube: Killer Papers Business

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  1. Killer papers are awesome!! I used them for 2 papers so far and they killed it, I got a great score on both I wouldn’t go to anyone but them. I was a little nervous at first but I am so happy with the outcome success is guaranteed.

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