Can You Trust Kiwi Papers? (Updated 2021)

Kiwi Papers

$15 per page with 2 days' notice





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  • Low Pricing
  • Decent List of Services


  • Foreign Company
  • Foreign Writers
  • Fake Reviews
  • Robot Chat Feature
  • Prices Suspiciously Low homepage

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Is Kiwi Papers Writing Service Legit?

Well, as we always say, when you find one blatant falsity on a website it stands to reason that the whole outfit is suspicious. It doesn’t take long to see a whopper of a misstep in what Kiwi Papers is claiming on their site. Look at the difference in numbers of “satisfied customers below.

So, that’s 100,000 satisfied customers, right? Look below at the number that is literally right below that promise on their homepage…

Hmm, is it 100,000 satisfied customers or 14,000 happy customers? BIG difference there, Kiwi Papers! It also has to be said that when a company puts “satisfied” or “happy” before a number of customers, one must ask, “Did you deduct for the unsatisfied or unhappy customers? Really, when a claim like that is made it is usually a straight-out lie. It would be better to say, “Serving over ‘x’ number of customers each month (or year, or to date). But let’s move on, shall we?

Where is Kiwi Papers Located?

Huh?? So an essay service that provides English-language essays to American high school and college students is based out of Bulgaria? OK, maybe most Bulgarians speak English anyway, right? Let’s give them a fair shake here. Let’s ask Google what language Bulgarians speak, just in the name of being fair and all.

We don’t know about you, but if we’re paying good money for a paper, we want it written by a native English speaker.

How about Kiwi’s list of services? What do they offer anyway?

Answer: They apparently help with the standards like essays, annotated bibliographies, and research papers. Additionally, they offer article reviews, research proposals, and business plans. We aren’t entirely sure what they mean by “Q & A” in their list of services, but if you need one, they offer it.


This is where things get interesting. When you click on one of the services they offer, for example “essays” you are taken to a chat with an AI named Amy. A robot? That is not the standard, even for the shoddiest essay services we’ve reviewed. Even those have the courtesy to hooking you up with a real person, albeit a foreigner. But here’s what “Amy” has to say.

So we are supposed to believe that a legitimate company can charge under $10 per page, pay all of their taxes, fees, and overhead, plus pay the writer a fair wage for their work? Insanity! This may be the lowest price we’ve seen to date for a college-level paper. That means that there are either a lot of hidden fees added on by the time you get to the checkout, or this company is a complete joke. It is literally impossible to crank out a paper of any merit for that price.

Let’s see what happens when we ask “Amy” if she knows who Michael Jackson is…

That was her response.

Kiwi Papers Reviews:

At this point, we feel we need to warn you to turn back immediately. This company based on price alone (well, that and admitting to being located in Bulgaria) is not worth their salt. But in fairness, here are some reviews.

Here is what Kiwi says their reviews are on Trustpilot and Sitejabber…

But this is an outright lie because look at what Trustpilot says on its website…

Interestingly, Sitejabber gives 5 stars to Kiwi, but don’t crack open the champagne yet…

There are only twelve reviews, and upon closer inspection, they are clearly fake reviews written by non-native English speakers. Check out a couple of them.

Sitejabber Susan has only ever posted one review. Hmm. Also, she says she “gave them 3 assognment.” She also says that the company deserves “kuddles” for such a good job. Aside from the silliness of all of that, the formatting and wording is clear that the review is fake.

Read the above review (from yet another reviewer who has never posted anything but this one on Sitejabber) and tell us whether you think this sounds fishy.

We could go on, but really, why?

Look, ultimately it’s your money, your time, and your reputation on the line. It’s for people like you that we write these reviews. You’re free to choose any essay service you want, but please be warned on this one in particular.

This seems to be the worst one we’ve researched to date. The only chat is with an AI, which chat features are not always good anyway, but usually, they’re at least with real people. Their bargain-basement prices are too good to be true. They’re a foreign company with contradictory numbers of satisfied customers. Their reviews are either glowing (but clearly fake) or really spotty.

The bottom line? There are just too many great essay services out there to take a chance on Kiwi Papers.

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  1. I got a zero percent on this paper, which is crazy. I sent the whole prompt but the teacher said:

    This analysis did not use concepts covered during this course, nor did it pull from the assigned textbook. Your analysis centered around the micro and macro levels of an organization, something that we never discussed. Your solution for overcoming therapy of the empty chair technique was also not only something that was not part of this course, but was not cited or connected back to any of the principles that we did learn. This paper fails to include any concepts from this course, resulting in it being unable to demonstrate any knowledge learned throughout the quarter to pass as a final exam paper.

    So now I have a D in class and I am totally screwed. FUCK.

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