Can You Trust Master Papers? (Updated 2021)

Master Papers

$18-23 per page





American Company


Website Legitimacy


Ease of Use



  • Quick Chat Responses
  • Low Price
  • Plenty of Services to Choose From


  • Foreign Writers
  • Inflated Claims on Website
  • Samples Riddled with Errors
  • Client Cannot Select His/Her Own Writer

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Is Master Papers Legit?

As with so many online essay writing services, Master Papers claims to be in the United States, though all evidence points to a foreign company. Also, they offer a chat service but within seconds to a couple of minutes, it is clear the agent with the American name is anything but a native English-speaking representative.

Do they supply papers for the fee they command? Yes. Will you be happy with the result? It depends. Read on…

Other Online Reviews & Comments Seem Fake

Check out the wording in these “five-star reviews.” They’re obviously written by someone (probably all the same person) who does not have a firm grasp on the English language.

Side note: With a website claim of “150,000 happy customers,” there are surprisingly few reviews to be found anywhere online.

Is Master Papers an American Company?

The chat agent said the company is based in New York. We have seen this before with foreign companies. They list the city where they bought the website as their home base, even when they are actually operating out of another country.

I asked a few more questions to get a better understanding of where the writers are from. Here is one of those questions.

Do You Get to Choose Your Own Writer?

Layla gave me a price of $36 and some change. I then asked if that was the final price or if I’m allowed to consider multiple bids. As you will see, she changed her original answer. Once you place an order, you will be “assigned” the writer they deem appropriate for your project. Therefore, contrary to what she initially said, you do not get multiple bids to choose from. In fact, like so many essay writing services, you do not have any say whatsoever on who you hire for your paper.

How Does Master Papers Pricing Compare to Other Companies?

We were quoted $36 for a 2-page high school film analysis that was due in 2 days. That is a pretty low price. If Master Papers follows through and turns in a good paper by the deadline, then we would say their prices are good.

The only problem is, it seems like the chances of getting a high-quality paper turned in are not good. The company is obviously foreign, meaning that so are the writers. On top of that, the client is not allowed to hand-select their writer so it would be highly likely there would be communication problems along the way.

Satisfaction Guaranteed?

According to Layla, an unsatisfied client will receive unlimited revisions for up to 14 days after the project was initially due. If that is true, then Master Essays has a pretty fair satisfaction policy.

Samples of Work Listed on the Website

Get out your highlighters! Read the samples and notice all of the mistakes. Here are just a few. The term, “all-around” is spelled, “all-round.” The word “organization” is spelled “organisation” multiple times. In certain countries this is standard, but not in the U.S. and would be obvious to any professor. The sentences are wordy, and simply worded wrong in general. For example, the last sentence in the first paragraph of “Abstract” should be worded, “Marketing relationships have seriously determined the present profile of the Olympiad, which remains the greatest event in modern history.” Notice the capitalization of the word “event” is incorrect, as well as the phrasing, “that remains” rather than “which remains.” Errors like this not only cost letter grades, but also raise serious red flags to the teachers grading the paper.

Our Verdict:

If you want a relatively cheap paper that you will probably get back on time, try Master Papers out. However, make sure you have some time to spare in case things fall apart. Like we said earlier, it appears to be a foreign company with misleading representation of who they employ to write the papers.

If you can get past the deceptive claims on the website (600+available writers, yet you do not get a chance to connect with any of them beforehand), and the strange reviews that seem like a mix of staged and scathing feedback, give Master Papers a try. If it all goes south, you will probably not be out much money since their rates are cheaper than most.

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