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  • Foreign essay service
  • Annoying chat agents
  • Threaten to tell your school if you fight them

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Who is My Perfect Paper? is very likely operating under different business names. There are several reasons why we say that. First, the blinking “Open 24 Hours” sign at the top of the homepage is exactly the same as certain other essay writing services. Second, they have annoying pop-ups at the bottom of the page that are nonstop. They tell you every time a customer supposedly signs up with or buys a paper.

Domain Information is the nameserver attached to

So, in a nutshell, we have no idea who is really behind They say they have offices in the US, UK, Australia, and UAE. Huh? Where are they actually operating from? We think it’s safe to say NOT the US, folks!

Where is My Perfect Paper really operating from?

How Much is a Paper?

It looks like it’s about $19.50 for a 1-page paper due in 2 days. While doesn’t seem to do a lot of upselling, they are in one heck of a hurry to get you to close the deal. See our notes below. It was so annoying!

To get a price, even a rough estimate, you need to provide your phone number and email at
The cost for a 1-page essay due in 2 days is $19.50 at
While we were trying to fill out a prompt, the chat agent bombarded us with pop-up messages, rushing the process!

As we tried to fill out a prompt, “Caleb” kept hounding us with messages. We screen-shotted that at 6, but trust us, he kept going! Keep in mind, this was over 1-2 minutes! He just kept bugging us to hurry up, place the order, acting as if there was a mad rush on the process.

Notice his use of the word “kindly” in his chat? Yeah, that is something any teacher would see on a paper and be like “HOLD THE PHONE!” And if the chat agents use “kindly” then you better believe the writers will, too. It’s a big red flag that uses foreign writers.

Online Reviews:

Sitejabber shows a 5-star overall rating for, but not so fast! If you look at some of the critical reviews, it’s downright scary that this essay service threatens to tell your school on you if you don’t go away quietly on an issue! OMG! Check out the images below!!!!!!!

This customer had an issue with and was threatened with exposure if she didn’t go away quietly.
This is one threat to the customer by where they threaten to tell her school on her!
Here is another threat made to the customer by

Yikes! That is just crazy! We’ve never seen a case of an online essay writing service threatening a student by saying they’ll tell their institution they paid for a paper! It’s unlikely would actually tell, since they’d get into a lot of trouble by exposing themselves, too. However, just that they would play so dirty! They need featured on Worldstar Hiphop! Sheesh!

Just for laughs, here’s another piece of an unsuccessful conversation between an admin and an unhappy student. To set it up, the review said My Perfect Paper doesn’t give refunds, even with a missed deadline.

The chat agent doesn’t even know the meaning of “incontinence.”

Lol! The chat agent is trying to apologize for the inconvenience, but instead apologizes for “incontinence.” In case you aren’t familiar with the word, incontinence means peeing your pants!! These guys are hilarious!

Pros & Cons:




  1. Very poor concept of the English language
  2. Nasty, combative rebuttles to reviews (threatening to tell the college on the student)
  3. Chat agents that will bombard you with over half a dozen chat messages per minute

Our Verdict:

We’ll bet you can guess that we are not going to recommend these guys to you. We care too much about your academic career! Face it, when they say things like “kindly” and intermix the words “inconvenience” with “incontinence,” there are BIG, BIG issues here.

Their prices aren’t terrible, but if you want legible papers then it doesn’t matter how cheap they are.

Bottom line: They threatened a student (for all we know, this is commonplace with to tell her college she paid for a paper! She had a legitimate complaint about a missed deadline, and their reaction was to threaten her?? Come on, man!

No, no, a thousand times no on My Perfect Paper. Just yuck!

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