Can You Trust My Perfect Words?

My Perfect Words

$20.25 2 days notice (high school)





Ordering process



  • Reasonable rates
  • Only need to put down 50%


  • Seems to be foreign
  • You cannot choose your writer
  • Offers higher quotes than their website calculator

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Who is My Perfect Words?

My Perfect Words says they are located in the US, specifically in California. They explain on their website that all of their writers are US-born, native English speakers who were educated in the states. writer’s page

They list an 800-number on the site, as well as have chat agents to help answer questions. When we called the 800-number, no name was mentioned, only referring to themselves as “customer service.” The customer service agent spoke with a heavy accent (Indian?). The online chat agent we spoke with referred to himself as Dominik (which isn’t a common American spelling). He definitely spoke in broken English.

When asked if the writers are all from America, here is what Leo said. *Notice he refers to writers as “customers.”

Chat agent does not have a firm grasp on the English language.

Ultimately, there is no way for us to know where this company is from. However, when their web content reads foreign, their chat agents cannot easily understand English, and their customer service representatives via phone are speaking in broken English…well, it’s not looking to us like they’re in America.

How Much is a Paper with My Perfect Words?

The pricing table below shows that it’s just under $19 per page for a high school paper with a 2-day deadline.

Pricing at My Perfect Words

But when we asked for a simple 2-page book report at a high school level, we were given a higher rate than the pricing table shows.

If a high school paper is supposed to be $18.75 per page with a 2-day deadline, that would be a total of $37.50. So why did Dominik quote us at $40.50, or $20.25 per page? We asked him and here is what he said:

Chat agent is confused on pricing and has long pauses between our questions and his answers.

So, why is it that when we provided an email address and got a “real” quote, it was $20.25 per page? These guys can’t keep their story straight!

The actual price for a 1-page paper is $20.25 per page

Online Reviews:

My Perfect Words has more reviews than most of the online essay writing services we review. Keep in mind that we can never know if a company is paying for reviews, so the best way to build trust is weighing all the factors, talking with a representative of the company, and making an informed decision before buying a paper.

Many, many reviews call My Perfect Words out for being a scam. Many others say that My Perfect Words buys reviews. So, again, do your homework and see what you come up with. You can also look at all the other areas we’ve rated them in this review to help you make a good decision on whether or not to purchase from them. reviews for My Perfect Words. reviews for My Perfect Words.
Many reviews claim the company is a scam and buys reviews.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Reasonable prices (but higher than the website calculator offers)
  2. Wide array of services offered


  1. Seems to be a foreign company (with foreign customer service and chat agents)
  2. You do not get to choose your writer
  3. Quoted higher price by chat agent than the company’s website pricing calculator
  4. Frustrating ordering process

Our Verdict:

The company seems foreign. Whether they are or are not, the truth is, they use foreign chat agents and customer service agents, which is somewhat annoying. The chat agent could not understand basic questions we asked, and frequently gave completely wrong answers.

You have to provide an email before you can get an accurate quote. In the meantime, the chat agent quoted much higher per page than the website calculator offered. Why the inconsistency?

Apparently, you only have to pay 50% upfront and the rest upon completion. So, if you want to take a chance on an unknown company, you are only out 50% if it all goes south.

Ultimately, this is far from our strongest recommendation. It was too annoying to deal with foreign chat agents, long pauses while waiting for our questions to be answered, and inconsistent price quotes.

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