Can You Trust Paper Writer? (Updated 2021)

Paper Writer

$16 per page with 2 days' notice








  • Low pricing
  • Helpful blog
  • Easy to use website


  • Foreign company
  • Lack of reviews
  • Web content is vague

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Who is Paper Writer?

When you go to the “About Us” tab, here is what pops up:

About Us page on Paper Writer

In a chat session with Jeff, I asked where the company is located. He said, “Dover, Delaware.” We had immediate doubts based on a few factors we’ll address later, so we looked into where the company domain is located. It was in the Ukraine.

Another foreign company disguising themselves as North American. Sigh.

How Much Does a Paper Cost at Paper Writer?

It looks like papers start at about $16.67 per page for an essay with 2 days’ notice. That is considerably higher than the homepage that shows $11.40 per page before you alter the due date. Look at the images below.

With no topic chosen and 2 weeks’ notice this is the price.
Real price on Paper Writer per page.

So if you choose a topic, which is kind of necessary, and set a realistic due date of a couple days, you see that the price jumps over $5 per page. This is still a really low price for a paper, depending on if they tack on any hidden fees. The point, though, is that these sites advertise a much lower price to grab your interest, then prove to be much higher once the necessary information is plugged into the prompt.

What kind of project and/or deadline would allow for the $10 per page that the “Our Services” dropdown box (under the subheader “Buy Essay Paper”) promises? We couldn’t match those numbers up.

List of Services:

Though we’re sure Paper Writer offers the same types of services any other essay writing service offers, all they show on the site is essays and research papers. We feel certain that they would tackle most any topic, but they just aren’t listed on the site. That is not anything we’d deduct points for, just would be nice to see the list of services displayed in a more detailed way.

Online Reviews:

On and trustpilot, Paper Writer had only two reviews on each site. They were both very good reviews, but we would have liked to show you a good offering of mixed reviews that prove they were not paid for. Also, more reviews shows a more established company. So, unfortunately not much to report here.

Paper Writer Blog:

Paper Writer has a nice blog. They aren’t super regular with posts. There were some last February 2021, but then nothing until August 2021. Aside from the gaps, they have some useful posts such as, “How to write a Reflection Paper,” and “The Ultimate Guide on How to Write an Expository Essay.” Our advice to Paper Writer? Write more! This is a good free service to provide for your customers!

Paper Writer Blog

Final Thoughts:

It is hard to recommend an essay writing service that is deceptive about it’s location. While the chat agent told us they’re in Delaware (many, many foreign companies claim a Delaware address) it appears that they may be in the Ukraine or another foreign country. That said, the prices are low enough to give them a try if you want. They rate high on the Malware scale, so tread lightly! There are very few online reviews with the big review sites, Trustpilot and Sitejabber. This either means a brand-new company or just a real lack of clientele (since people will review whether they’re thrilled or furious with the service).

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