Can You Trust Papers Owl? (Updated 2021)

Papers Owl

$34 per page and up for 2 day's notice








  • Chat with writers before you pay
  • Wide array of services
  • Easy to use website


  • Foreign writers
  • Pushy chat agents
  • Way higher prices than the competition

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Where is Papers Owl Located?

We were able to speak with a chat agent at and get that information for you. See below.

And How About the Writers? Where are They From?

Paper Owls chat agent explains where the writers are from.

So the writers are not from the US or Canada, for sure or “Elle” would have said so. That would be a big selling point, but she just says they’re “from all over the world.” But can you pick your own writer? Can you at least speak to them beforehand to make sure you’re happy with the level of English they’re conveying? Look below to see…

That sounds pretty good, right? The part that stopped us in our tracks, though, was when we went to place and order and saw that, on Papers Owl, not all writers are considered equal. You have to pay a premium to get decent writers. That seems really out of line.

If a writing service asks you to pay a premium for certain types of writers, consider that to be outside of the “norm” in essay writing services. Most services quote you a price and there you go. To suggest that for a good quality paper you must pay a premium, that is nothing short of upselling. It’s the equivalent of asking if you want to supersize your meal. Shouldn’t all of the writers within the service be awesome? Qualified? Wonderful? We say yes!

Let’s Discuss Pricing:

That is about average for a per-page rate with a 2+ day deadline. Let’s see if we get the same quote when we fill out the online form for ourselves.

Paper Owls writers quotes are higher than initially advertised.

Those prices are quite a bit higher than $25 per page. We didn’t pick the top category of writers (Platinum) either. We picked the middle-of-the-road category and asked for a simple 2-page book report for high school.

Once I placed the order, the chat agent started to get a little pushy, too. That’s just something to add in for your knowledge. Once they see they’ve got a “live one,” they are really pushing for you to pay up. She was recommending various writers (all with unpronouncable names) and asking me to close the sale, more or less.

What Services Do They Offer?

They seem to offer the standard services like essay writing, research papers, thesis writing, editing, and so on.

Why Foreign Chat Agents & Writers are Problematic in the Grand Scheme of Things:

When you ask simple questions, they just can’t comprehend what you’re getting at. They are non-English speakers (at least as their first language) and ultimately they don’t understand the assignments. Look at this example of a simple question on one of the most assigned books in classrooms, “Pride and Prejudice.”

Now if Elle hasn’t ever read the book, we can certainly forgive that. But she answered so quickly that her ignorance was like a bad advertisement for the company. Rather than be human for a moment and look up elephant themes in “Pride and Prejudice” (hint: there aren’t any), she just said “yes.” Like I said, anything to close the sale.

What Are People Saying in the Reviews?

Trustpilot had an alert we’ve never seen before. Check this out!

Papers Owl is being deceptive on Trustpilot.

Sitejabber shows suspicious reviews, too. Notice in the illustration below that the reviewer rates the service very highly, but complains about the grammar in her paper. Why the high rating, then?

Sitejabber review.
Papers Owl has pushy live chat, as we have also noticed.

Papers Owl has reviews, to be certain. However, when a huge site like Trustpilot calls their ethics into question regarding reviews, it makes it really hard to trust them.

Pros & Cons:


~You get to pick your writer

~They offer most basic writing services

~You can talk to writers before you pay


~You have to pay a premium for “good” writers

~Foreign chat agents and writers

~Much, much higher prices than advertised

~Called out for deception on major review sites like Trustpilot and Sitejabber

Our Verdict:

It sounds like Paper Owls jumped on the essay writing service bandwagon to make a quick buck. The problem is, with foreign writers, sky-high prices, and premiums for writers with a Bachelor’s Degree, it’s not adding up to a successful business (as indicated by pushy chat agents desperate to close the deals).

There are better outfits out there. Trust us.

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