Can You Trust Pioneer Writers?

Pioneer Writers

$20 for 1 page due in 2 days








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  • Foreign essay service (Kenya)
  • The whole company looks fake
  • Lack of important details on site
  • Reviews look fake

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Who is Pioneer Writers?

Pioneer Writers is a Kenyan essay writing service that tries to pass themselves off as American by having a Los Angeles phone number on their website. But if you look closely, you’ll read right through them.

Sometimes the differences are subtle, but we can usually spot a foreign essay service.

In the “About Us” section, we spotted a subtle phrase that perked up our ears to the fact that Pioneer Writers is most likely not in the states. “Allows our dear customers” is not a way that any American company would word things. It’s just not. You know it and we know it, but you know who doesn’t? Someone whose first language isn’t English.

It turns out, Pioneer Writers is in Kenya.

The domain for Pioneer Writers is in Kenya.

How Much is a Paper?

Well, the cost of a 1-page paper due in 2 days, is $20.00. But after spending some time on this site, we’re wondering if you’d even get a paper for your twenty bucks.

The cost of a 1-page paper due in 2 days at Pioneer Writers.

Chat Feature is a Joke…

Interestingly, the chat agents never “pick up” and join the conversation. You can’t get any questions answered. It almost appears as though Pioneer Writers wants to look more legitimate by having a chat feature, but it’s just for show. Notice the male model icon they use as an avatar. No name, just a model who is supposed to be the company’s chat rep. Uh-huh, OK Pioneer Writers.

Pioneer Writers has a chat feature that is just for show. No one ever joins the conversation.

Online Reviews:

There are not many reviews on Sitejabber or Trustpilot, but as you can imagine, they are all glowing. Based on everything we’ve discovered about this foreign essay writing service, we can tell you that these reviews appear to be fake. Really fake. So, please take them with a grain of salt. reviews for Pioneer Writers reviews for Pioneer Writers

Pros & Cons:




  1. Foreign essay writing service (Kenya)
  2. The whole service looks to be a front (doesn’t even seem real in any way)
  3. Lack of important details in web content
  4. The reviews look very suspicious (as in fake, although we can’t prove it)

Our Verdict:

The further we got into the review process with Pioneer Writers, the more we felt like it wasn’t even worth reviewing this company. However, when you’re a busy student that hasn’t checked out so many essay services that you know what to look for, you might just stumble on one like Pioneer Writers and fall prey to their scam. So, we decided to complete the review.

Pioneer Writers looks like a joke of an essay writing service. They almost look like a front for something, but who knows what. Maybe if you place an order, the monies go into another essay writing service’s pocket. Maybe Pioneer Writers just wants your personal info for some other reason. Who knows.

Bottom line: This one is a real bomb…and not in a good way! Steer clear!

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