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Is STUDY Birdies a credible essay writing service? We’ll take a look, but the low review score is primarily due to the website providing very little information on pricing, services, etc.

One of the primary features we look for in an essay writing service, is that the company is located in the USA or at least an English-speaking country. This is because we want to see you get papers back that look legitimate, clean, and with proper grammar, syntax, and spelling. It is obvious when a foreigner writes something in English. Even if you cannot put your finger on exactly why the text isn’t reading smoothly, you understand something isn’t right. Right?

Here is where STUDY Birdies says they are from…

Although STUDY Birdies administrators say it’s no big deal where the writers are from, we beg to differ. Your teacher will spot a foreign writer a mile away. Notice, by the way, the strange wording in that answer from the site’s FAQ. “But it’s not a big deal for us from where the editor comes from.” If you spend a few minutes on their site, you will see a lot of things like that…instances where the wording just doesn’t quite jibe.


The site does not offer chat, but we never hold that against a company since most of the chat agents are outsourced to the Philippines. There is not much more to say because we were unable to speak with a person during our research. Might be the time difference?


Well, this was interesting because STUDY Birdies does not list pricing on their site, nor can you easily get even a simple estimate for services. You need to first provide your email, which we did not want to do for the purposes of privacy in creating a fair review. This is something we don’t usually encounter: A company that is so vague with pricing. Normally essay services will give a window for pricing. They may add fees on throughout the process, making their rates higher than initially advertised, but they do at least offer that estimate from the get-go. Not the case with STUDY Birdies.

List of Services:

Here’s another short answer. Who knows! The site does not list their services, which is just beyond comprehension. We can’t tell you what they offer, if they include math, or any other details about services offered. Again, without giving them an email (and many of us fear doing that with an unknown company that might spam you for years to come!) you aren’t unlocking the great mysteries of STUDY Birdies.

Let’s look at reviews:

No reviews on these major review sites could possibly mean STUDY Birdies is new. We won’t fault them for that. There was no one to ask on the site when we conducted this research, so we can’t say how long they’ve been in business.

Our Verdict:

Without reviews, it’s hard to say. If their prices were listed and were fair, we would be inclined to say try them out. But since we can’t confirm they have decent rates, it might be easier to go with a more established company. Also, the whole needing to provide an email just to find out basic information seemed unnecessary. Who is to say that the company is not a front for spammers, or worse, hackers, that want your information for nefarious reasons?

The verdict is that we simply do not have enough information to provide a true recommendation for this company. STUDY Birdies, you may want to unlock your site and let people kick the tires a bit before providing personal information to a company they have never heard of and cannot find reviews on.

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